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Majorly Important Art News

Holly Moore
September 01, 2013

David Brown Flowers pulls up roots and moves inside the Loop to Steve Gibson’s new design-centric Hollywood Square center, near the corner of West Alabama and Timmons. Brown’s new atelier, opening early January, will be awash in rich tones of dark truffle, mined coal and cinnabar to better showcase all things exotic and botanical. Designer Karen Pulaski has also signed on for office space and a showroom for her chic new Tribute Goods luxury linens collection, which recently won Best New Product Awards, Home Textiles, at the NY Now show. More on this design news in the October issue. Back to Gibson, who bought up the aforementioned parcel at 3637 West Alabama with plans to make the property into a boutique family office. “But after gutting it and painting the outside, I began getting calls from several very interesting shop owners,” he says. So there you have it: A new design center is born. Watch for more on Hollywood Square, David Brown Flowers and Karen Pulaski’s Tribute Goods FIne Linens in the October issue.