Welcome to the World’s Only Wellness Museum

Welcome to the World’s Only Wellness Museum

Reporting from the Crow Collection of Asian Art on healing the mind-body divide.


The beauty of Dallas’ Crow Collection of Asian Art might easily tempt you — but don’t let the museum’s elegance eclipse its healing initiatives. Hint: Sunday meditation is an ideal place to start. Scholars generally agree that René Descartes, the 15-century French philosopher and mathematician, is responsible for the West’s specious understanding of mind and Read

Travel, Design, Art:
Filippo at the Fairs

by Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi

Italian art advisor Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi, PaperCity’s dashing foreign correspondent, hit the world’s most important art and design fairs and exhibitions this spring. With tours of duty at the Dallas-based Goss-Michael Foundation and prestigious Hamiltons gallery in London, Tattoni-Marcozzi now lives in London and Washington, D.C., and consults with private clients across the globe. He reports Read

Travel, Design, Art:<br /> Filippo at the Fairs
Takashi Murakami Collaborates With Vault by Vans

Takashi Murakami Collaborates With Vault by Vans


Japanese artist Takashi Murakami may be best known for his two-dimensional, cartoon-like illustrations of smiling flowers and skulls, but the style he’s invented, Superflat, refers to much more than that. It’s also a philosophy: Commercial and high-art worlds need not be separate, the style espouses; the two can coexist, often meaningfully. Superflat is the world seen through Murakami’s lens, where Read

The Ladies Rock:
Power Femmes at McClain Gallery

by Catherine D. Anspon
McClain Gallery's summer sizzler gives the viewer pause for thought about the meaning of feminism while serving up some beautiful, powerful and occasionally disturbing imagery. Senior American master Alex Katz — he of the exquisite lines Read
The Ladies Rock:<br /> Power Femmes at McClain Gallery
San Antonio’s Contemporary Beacon:<br /> Blue Star Art Bounty

San Antonio’s Contemporary Beacon:
Blue Star Art Bounty

by Catherine D. Anspon

A recent road trip to San Antonio led to the rediscovery of a smart contemporary destination: Blue Star. At the nexus of a thriving studio-restaurant-residential-gallery complex blocks from the King William historical district, this non-collecting museum is now helmed by executive director Mary Heathcott, who has revamped the exhibition programming with the assistance of colleague Jacqueline McGilvray. Scroll through Read