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Two Men and a Charming Town, a Fashion Giant’s Hidden Brands and a True Critic

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BY // 08.04.16

Our editors are a diverse lot, and are constantly perusing a long and broad list of publications. Fashion? Art? Architecture? Culinary studies? Semantics? It’s all here. In What We’re Reading, PaperCity shares the wealth.

James Joyce and Italo Svevo shared genius, and they shared a charming town: Trieste. Stanley Price has written a fine book about these two men: Joyce, a master of the short story and of the novel, and Svevo, his student. Another wordsmith, Jan Morris, tells us a little about this tome.

Liszt. One word, a name. A legend named Franz, born in Austria, died in Germany. Millions of words have been written about him, and many millions more of his notes have been played. The music will never stop. And never, it seems, will the words. Here are more.

Diane Arbus
Diane Arbus

Did you know that Calvin Klein has 25 brands? Do you know the name Raf Simons? Well, whether you do or don’t, this is news. You know fashion? Read.

Cynthia Ozick is a rare being. Her literary criticism is demanding and unsparing. It is learned and responsible. It is not wasted. It is valuable and valued. William Giraldi takes a look at, yes, a master, a critic unparalleled.

Another name: Arbus. It means but one thing: photographic vision. We know you see her work now as you read this. Here’s yet more about her vision.








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