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Music Legend With Michael Jackson Ties to Conduct Pharrell Williams’ Score at a Dallas Festival

BY India Pougher // 03.30.16

David Campbell is something of a music legend — he has worked with superstar talent the likes of Michael Jackson and Josh Groban, and his son is the Grammy Award-winning rock star Beck. Next month, Campbell will pay Dallas a little visit, as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra has secured his musical genius for Soluna’s headline performance, Rules of the Game.

Campbell, who recently composed the score for the Oscar-nominated film Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence, will arrange the music and conduct the multidisciplinary piece, which combines music with sculptural art and dance. The performance — set for Tuesday, May 17 — has already gained plenty of buzz, as the score for Rules of the Game was composed by pop star Pharrell Williams. As Williams’ score is performed, a dance piece from choreographer Jonah Bokaer will ensue amidst scenography from New York-based artist Daniel Arsham. (Take a peek: Arsham and Bokaer previously worked together on the experimental sculptural project Snarkitecture.)

For the DSO’s Soluna festival — a month-long series of multifaceted music and art collaborations — securing Campbell is quite the coup: He has worked with Adele, played viola on both Marvin Gaye‘s “Let’s Get It On” and Carole King‘s “Tapestry,” and produced the arrangements and orchestrations for several musicals, including the Broadway production of Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark, among many other feats.

“David Campbell did the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra arrangements, and they were so phenomenal,” B-52’s member Kate Pierson told The Tennessean after the band teamed up with the orchestra last year. “We got a mock-up of them beforehand. He said, ‘Are there any comments?’ I just said, ‘Go for it. Go wild!'”

Soluna, May 16 – June 5; click here for a full list of events, artists and festival partners.

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