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The Best Roasted Oysters in Houston

BY // 07.13.15

I love oysters. I like them raw and poached and grilled. I am partial to ones that come from the cold waters off the East and West Coasts, but a few places in the Houston area prepare Gulf oysters (when I am not in the mood for bivalves on the half-shell) to my liking. This past weekend, I had what I think are the best roasted oysters in the city limits. They were cooked perfectly — neither underdone nor fired for so long that they became tough. And, the slightly crispy gratin-like topping and chipotle butter were delicious. These oysters are wood-grilled at Caracol, and I have never been disappointed with this dish. If you have not tried them, do so soon. And let us know where you get your oyster fix.

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