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She’s the Bomb

This Texas Socialite Stuns Us With a Perfectly Glamorous 1980s Look

BY Billy Fong // 11.03.16

As a PaperCity cub reporter (I like “cub” because it makes me seem younger), I was intrigued by the concept of creating an ongoing feature focusing on vintage photos of chic Dallas gals and the stories behind those images. With whom should we start? It had to be a girl with effortless style that translates any era and trend.

One of my first thoughts was Lucy Wrubel, but then I realized why not go straight to the source — her mother, Jennie Reeves. I was fortunate to first cross paths with Jennie back in 2012 at the The Crystal Charity Ball Fashion Show and Luncheon, and she stopped me in my tracks. I asked Lucy, who was standing nearby, who was that exquisite gazelle who had slinked into the room?

“Her?” replied Lucy, “That’s my mom!” I was smitten. So, as I embarked on my adventure of sifting through photo albums (my favorite pastime) I was lucky to score Jennie as our first Bomb Dot-Com girl!

So, what’s the approximate date of this photo? Remember to not be too specific or… perish the thought, give away age.
Late ’80s.

The occasion?
A founding gala for La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas at the Texas Hall of State. I was one of the three founders.

I must know: What were you wearing? And I want specifics about the entire ensemble — including the fashionable details not seen in the photograph.
I wore a black Geoffrey Beene ankle-length sheath. (I still have it.) It had an off-white satin peplum accentuating the waist. I found it at Frost Brothers, which was in NorthPark Center where Tiffany’s is today. Darling, young Richard Eiseman loaned me a perfect double strand South Sea Pearl necklace. I wish I’d bought it.

Why is this a Bomb Dot-Com picture of you?
This photograph represents the optimism and enthusiasm [my husband] Stuart and I had for the moment we were celebrating, and for the future. So much was ahead for us.

Editor’s note: While working on this project, we thought why not ask Jennie Reeves’ daughter, Lucy Wrubel, for the photo she thought was the Bomb Dot Com of her mom. What we got was perhaps the most stylish mother-daughter portrait in existence — and a rather heartfelt note from Wrubel. Read on …

Jennie Reeves and daughter Lucy Wrubel

“This is my favorite: I was a senior in high school. We were with John Haynesworth in the grove of bluebonnets. Yes. Laura Ashley on me — and my mom so chic in Joan Vass. In the photo, she is showing me how it’s done — as she always has, leading the way in heels, a little in a hurry, but with boundless energy and enthusiasm.

Just last week I was crafting [my daughter] Stella’s birthday party favors and she was with me. I said, ‘You know, mom, I am feeling like you … You always made my birthdays so special — all of them steeped in creative effort, and it had a huge impact on who I am. I was paying attention.’ So look: I am still following her lead, rallying for Stella the way mama rallies for me.” — Lucy Wrubel

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