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Aussie Cosmetics King Napoleon Perdis Chats Beauty

BY // 05.12.15

You might say we have a Napoleon complex — in the best way possible, of course. Our obsession with Napoleon Perdis stems from years of worshipping the Australian’s super-chic beauty products, from colorful eye shadow palettes and lip-liner pencils to tinted moisturizers and concealer pens. Last year, he released the limited-edition Poolside Gossip makeup collection, inspired by renowned society photog Slim Aarons’ famous image. On a recent trip to Neiman Marcus NorthPark, Perdis hinted at future collaborations and chatted about a few of his newer products we’re already coveting.

Have you been to Dallas before?
Yes, and it has become one of my favorite U.S. cities to visit. I find women here to be so engaged, so up on the latest in beauty and so on trend! It is quite inspiring to meet them on my visits here. Also, I have never been let down by any of the food here.

What are your thoughts on Dallas women and men and the importance of cosmetics?
I find both men and women here to be very confident and very secure in their style. They know what looks good and really know how to shine — they definitely can work it here in Dallas. It seems almost effortless, the strength they project here. They have been very welcoming to Napoleon Perdis and have expressed appreciation for the quality and feel, and for offering a shade and color that they can wear day to night.

You had the wonderful collaboration with the Slim Aarons photograph. Are there any other collabs coming up?
Thank you for saying that! We remain proud of the entire experience and continue to be so thankful to the Aarons family for being so supportive. We are always open to collaboration but know that it has to be the right one at the right moment to be truly successful. That said, stay tuned…

Tell us about some of your newer products and the inspirations behind them.
Because I travel so much, I am constantly observing the world and its people, art and culture, as well as trying to read when I can — both older classics and those new works that I feel are destined to be considered new classics. These are great fuels for inspiration, but truly being open to the world and its newness is a great driver. For example, with the Light Switch Luminizer Palette, I was inspired by that special feeling of the sun on the skin first thing in the morning. And I think we did it! Its mix of reflective creams gives that sun-dappled look that lasts into the night … The Nude U Eyes, Cheeks and Brows Palette is my latest color collection. I thought a lot about denim and how it is worn. It can be casual or dressed up. You can run about, or lounge and luxuriate. It is that workability that got me thinking about how to create a collection of shadows that will go with any look you want to create; from a chilled-out day in to a glamorous night out … Our Cleanser Barre [collection] is our newest addition. I was inspired by the rituals of movement that occur in ballet. I wanted products that were not only natural and luxurious but their use would become part of every woman’s cleaning ritual. From our Balm Voyage Moisture Complex Cleanser and Makeup Remover to our Rebirth of Venus Skin Renewal Cleansing Oil, there is an option for everyone that, when used with our 100-percent pure cotton muslin cloths, will make up an amazing new part of your cleaning routine … [As for our] Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Mask, I had been looking for the perfect mask for years. After many plane trips, trials and backstage tests, we came up with an amazing formula that feels so luxurious yet softens and smoothes with such a velvety matte finish.

What are some of your favorite or most memorable moments from your career?
Truly, there are so many. The opening of my first concept store in 1995 on Sydney’s Oxford Street was, of course, life changing. Our first academy also opened that year and became brick-and-mortar proof that we could truly show women the art of makeup to more effectively channel their inner beauty. Our retail partnerships across the globe are a great source of pride. Our family’s time in the U.S. was extremely transformative, and we are grateful for the experiences. I cannot say enough about the women and men I have met through my travels. I have been so inspired by many stories. To know that our products have been a part in any way of bringing joy and light to them is heartwarming — and proof that the dream of a 13-year-old boy picking up his first brush to help his mum prepare for an evening out was worth following.

What makes your brand stand out among others?
I am very proud of our focus on education and particularly proud of our academy system, which includes our academy in Hollywood and those across Australia. From the beginning, I have insisted that the power of education is embedded into our culture. We are very aware that our customers, especially in Dallas, are strong, empowered women and we take great pride in the investments we make in showing them how to channel their beauty through knowing how to use our products. Education is everything.

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