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More Intense Perfumes Transform a Style Icon’s Brand:

BY Rachel Lefferts // 07.12.16

Style icon Diana Vreeland, renowned for her roles as former fashion editor of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue editor in chief, and special consultant to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute, once said that fragrances fill the senses with the mysterious. Her sense of wonderment and love for beauty and artistic expression made an impact on fashion, art and culture that spans generations as well as continents.

When her grandson, Alexander Vreeland, launched Diana Vreeland Parfums in 2014, this legacy is precisely what he sought to bottle.

With names like Vivaciously Bold, Devastatingly Chic, and Outrageously Vibrant — and colorful, tasseled bottles as bold as the scents themselves — Vreeland’s collection of luxe parfums evokes the lasting impression left by his grandmother. Sold in 26 countries, the American-produced fragrances tell a story as universal, rich, and eclectic as hers.

During his recent trip to Dallas for a Neiman Marcus beauty conclave, we spoke with Vreeland about his new line, Outrageous, but not before he let us test the fragrances ourselves.

Where do you like to go when visiting Dallas?
I’ve had a long relationship with Dallas because I’ve had a long relationship with Neiman’s. I love a Mexican restaurant called Mr. Mesero … It’s so good.

Why did you choose to continue your grandmother’s legacy through fragrance?
[What] I’ve learned the most in regards to fragrance is how much more disciplined one has to be in terms of telling the story of each product. What has become really clear to me about my grandmother’s legacy is that her story is very compelling and speaks to a broad section of people. It’s a very inspiring, inclusive and authentic story. We’re taking [a concept] and elevating it.

There is very much a market for high-end perfumes, which you really seem to be speaking to. Do you have a target audience?
What’s fascinating is how all over the world today, I’m meeting women and men who are more and more knowledgeable about fragrance. It is a really important part of their personas, what they do and what they love, and that’s really exciting. There’s a relationship with fragrance that is far more dynamic and educated. We’re also the only American manufacturers doing these kinds of things. Most of this category is really controlled by the Italians or the French. I think the reason we can is because my grandmother’s story, which is an American story, really transcends boundaries.

Favorite scent?
Vivaciously Bold, which is in a green bottle with a blue tassel, is my favorite one right now and what I’ve been wearing. I find it to be very fresh and easy to wear, and the bottle is beautiful.

How do the new Outrageous perfumes differ from your signature fragrances?
This year, we decided the raise the story and create what we call Outrageous. The [scents are] a parfum absolut, which is much more concentrated. We worked with the same perfumers and many of the same elements, but the scents are darker and more intense.

We’ve developed everything based upon what we love, and we’re upgrading the brand and looking to make things more beautiful and more luxurious, and with ingredients that are even more over the top.

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