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Society Queen’s Stunning Manse Hosts a Champagne-Fueled Bash

Only Houston’s Coolest People Allowed

BY // 03.29.17
photography Michelle Watson/CatchlightGroup.com

When designer Naeem Khan sojourns to Houston where he has loads of friends and loyal customers, it’s always cause for celebration. And typically heading up the hostess list for the popular creator of dazzling evening wear is Becca Cason Thrash. No surprise then that Khan’s swoop through town on Tuesday was true to form with the added component of endless jeraboams of Krug champagne.

What was this all about? “My dear friend Becca and my favorite thing is Krug champagne. So it’s a combination of the two. It can’t get better,” Khan said. “Right now is just to celebrate with Becca, to celebrate with friends. I had not been here in a while and Krug asked me to do an event and I said who better to do it with than Becca. So Becca hosted this whole thing. She is the most gracious, greatest host you can ever meet.”

Khan is partnering with the French champagne house for a number of magical dinners across the country, the most recent in Miami, featuring not only the designer’s personal charm but also the best of Krug, experienced via tastings paired with a magnificent dinner. For this evening, Krug tapped James Beard Award-winning chef Tyson Cole of Uchi fame to create the menu and brought in Grammy Award winning jazz singer, songwriter and actor Gregory Porter and his combo. They performed in various venues of the expansive house before, during and after dinner.

Krug’s Vincent Pages noted as he looked over the gathering of the “coolest people in Houston” and the Cason Thrash home, “What a magnificent setting for the Krug journey.”

Indeed, we have seldom seen a more dazzling night chez Thrash or a more glamorous crowd, handpicked by the hostess. She had suggested that in honor of Khan, the ladies dress in his designs and they obliged in force. “Of the 39 women that are here tonight, at least 29 of them are wearing Naeem,” she said. Among them were Phoebe Tudor, Diane Lokey Farb, Sabiha Rehmatulla, Courtney Hobson, Melissa Mithoff, and Valerie Fuller. 

“I’m so honored. I’m seeing  things that I have done many years ago to what I did last season,” Khan said. “Houston has always been that woman who loves glamor, the woman who is not afraid to make a statement. And these are women who like to have fun but in a very chic way. And what I’m seeing today is all that.”

Traveling with her husband was the ever-glamorous jewelry designer Ranjana Khan, sporting a simple dress and colorful earrings of her design. “I’m doing more colorful things now,” she said as she considered one of her earlier necklaces, all in black, worn by Sheridan Williams. Admiring the look, she noted, “I should bring that back.”

The glam crowd included Forty Five Ten’s Brian Bolke and designer Adam Lippes (be still my heart) in town for a luncheon at the River Oaks District store; Tenenbaum Jewelers’ Tony Bradfield and Kevin Black, who had dressed Becca in ropes of diamonds totaling 250 carats;  Fendi’s Courtney Smith in from New York; noted interior designer Brooke Davenport in from Dallas; Lucinda and Javier Loya; Laura and Evan Greenberg, Gregory Fourticq, Sarah Dodd, Stephanie and Ernie Cockrell, Ceron, Luvi and Carlos Wheelock, Monsour Taghdisi, Don Mafrige Jr., Sushma and Haresh Yalamanchili, Dancie and Jim Ware, and lovebirds Rosemarie Johnson and Rocky Sembritzky.

While the Uchi dinner was a hit with sushi lovers, the menu and the petite portions had some guests debating whether it would be Whataburger or IHOP on the way home. Guests who stayed for late-night partying long after the vast dessert buffet table was demolished enjoyed noshing on taquitos and nachos from the Cason Thrash kitchen and more than two dozen Whataburgers delivered before lights out.

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