MFAH Glassell Core Fellow Francesca Fuchs takes on some minor masters — and wins.

Catherine D. Anspon
October 07, 2013

Every couple years, if we are lucky, we get a new series of paintings by Miz Fuchs, who besides being one of our most notable former MFAH Core Fellows, also has the distinction of being the winner of the very first Hunting Art Prize ($50,000) awarded in Texas. The latest, the exquisitely installed (Re)Collection at Texas Gallery says a lot about curatorial understatement and the power of painting. Less is more, in Fuchs’ romp through art history, which conceptually looks at the images and influences that in her case she grew up with or works which currently hang on walls she shares with husband artist Bill Davenport. Watch for witty paintings of paintings, including the frames, from prosaic still lifes and landscapes by often anonymous historical painters to a depiction of her granny’s handsome Georgian townhouse in London; even a neoclassical rendering of a Grecian vase and a drawing of a Space Age church make PAs in this smart take on the canvases, prints and photographs among us.