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Known for its topnotch stories, standout photography, continuous new content and innovative approach, PaperCity embraces all subjects at the heart of the Texas luxury lifestyle. From restaurants to fashion, society to real estate, arts to home design, culture to cars, the stories that are being talked about in Texas can be found here.

Our influential audience, enjoying unparalleled purchase power, is one that invests in all aspects of a luxury lifestyle, motivated by PaperCity’s rich content. PaperCity devotees represent the prime target for purveyors of all things luxe, sophisticated and worldly.


Texas' top influencers, power players and aspirational spenders know PaperCity is where Lone Star State luxury lives. With an average household income in excess of $235,000, PaperCity readers are the prime, discerning consumers that any advertiser covets. With more than 60 percent of its audience women, PaperCity is also the rare print and digital publication that consistently reaches the true decision makers.

If it's in PaperCity, it resonates far beyond mere circulation numbers.

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The Magazine first hit newsstands in Houston in 1994 and expanded to Dallas in 1998, making it the most longstanding regional luxury publication in the Southwest. Twenty five years after its debut, PaperCity continues to be an indispensable publication for Texas influencers, power players and aspirational dreamers alike. This is the place where Texas luxury lives.

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PaperCity has always expressed the style and elegance of Texas in its own unique way.

Robert Chavez, US President & CEO, Hermes

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    Following0 goes far beyond the magazine, bringing completely new stories, new sections and groundbreaking new storytelling and advertising methods. This is the most dynamic and different digital publication in the entire region — and it’s all under the PC Digital umbrella. PC Digital is an innovative one-stop shop for an endless range of cutting-edge possibilities.

This isn’t just a website. It’s one of the most read portals in all of Texas, one that combines storytelling and technology like few others anywhere.

PaperCity puts posh parties, dressing up, and going out with a love of luxurious living front and center.

Ken Downing, senior VP & Fashion Director, Neiman Marcus

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