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A Historic New York Spot is Closing, a Chef Dissects Eating and a Hidden Village

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BY // 02.23.16

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It’s the end of an era: Patricia Field‘s boutique is closing, and the Bowery will never be the same again. Take a look at some of the people shopping for memories this past weekend.

Why do you eat what you eat? Have you ever stopped to think about it? Really think about it? Probably not, other than knowing that you love the taste of barbecue pork or brisket or pizza or a Shake Shack burger. Do you care if your food is healthy? And can healthy be delicious? Lots of questions, and this chef has been thinking about it all.

Many have attempted to predict the outcome of history, the point at which political systems and programs and movements will coalesce and some sort of order will come into being. Francis Fukuyama failed at it, and if history is a reliable indicator, so will Paul Mason. But that did not stop him from trying. Chris Lehmann investigates here.

There’s a little hilltop village in Italy named Gubbio, and I recommend that you spend a few hours there. I wish I had known about this when I was walking down its winding alleys a few years ago.

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