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A Hollywood Force Roars Into Dallas with Birkin Bags in Flames and Prada Popcorn

It’s a Tyler Shields Party

BY // 02.23.16
photography Francisco Giles

What: Tyler Shields‘ solo exhibition opening celebration

Where: LAB ART Texas in the Dallas Design District

Who: LAB ART founder Iskander Lemseffer; LAB ART Texas co-owners Adam Persiani and Eric Rosiak; featured photographer Tyler Shields; street art enthusiasts Laura Reeder, Vodi Cook, Jodi James, David Dees, Kelly Cantu, Brittany Ricketts, Devin Odell, Ginny McDowell, Larry Gayao, Amber LaFrance, and Pam and Mark Denesuk

PC Moment: American photographer, screenwriter and director Tyler Shields blew into town like a gust of wind for the unveiling of his solo exhibition featuring 12 works of art. Undoubtedly a tour de force, Shields is always pushing the envelope and blurring the lines between reality and fantasy with each provocative piece.

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