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No Legs, No Problem

Remarkable Gymnast Gives a River Oaks Crowd a Lesson in Courage

BY // 03.09.17
photography Wilson Parish

What: Children’s Museum of Houston‘s annual Friends and Families Luncheon

Where: River Oaks Country Club

PC Moment: The inspirational talk by Jen Bricker, successful aerialist and gymnast born without legs, had the gathering of close to 400 completely buying into the “No Limitations” theme of the fundraiser. Onward and upward for everyone! With chairs Rachel Regan, Millette Sherman and Michelle Smith at the helm, the event raised more than $166,000. Those proceeds will go to the museum’s early childhood and parenting programs.

Who: Renee Dugan, Milessa Lowrie, Krystal Thompson, Tracy Kapiloff, Liz Glanville, Tracy Pesikoff, Dee Dee Guggenheim Howes, Jenee Stefanakis, Ann Singleton, Jennifer Shellist, Bevin Dubrowski, Neekie Kasahni, Shana Gordy, Lauren Wuertz, Ericka Bagwell and Joyce Echols.

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