Biennial or Bust

Catherine D. Anspon
September 09, 2013

A sleeper show at the Art Car Museum is real and raw. There's nothing trendy about "in-Depth," a round up of members of the Texas Sculpture Group. But that may be its strength. It's also laced with humor, an obsession with hands-on work, the odd and the machined. Standouts Susan Plum's mystical World Tree, the Halloween-worthy Frankenova art car (a 1978 Nova) by James Closek, Meredith Jack's heroic tongue-in-cheek foam sculptures that you could swear are iron, and Steve Brudniak's obsessive mad scientist-brooding surreal creations. And providing surprise in the small-scale: Roger Colombik's miniature chair tableaux and a great riff on the American TV dinner by Erin Cunningham. Through November 15, one of the components of the Texas Biennial 2013.