The Top 25 Art Collectors

Our state figures large in the art arena because of a powerful coterie of collectors — regulars on the definitive annual ARTnews Top 200 list. Their collections are vaunted, their names widely known to a global network of dealers, art advisers, and press. This phalanx is joined by a few under-the-radar types, connoisseurs who are equally committed to the collecting gambit, many exploring arcane fields beyond the higher trafficked lanes of blue-chip modern and contemporary. Here, we present 25 of the state’s most intriguing collectors.

By Catherine D. Anspon and Billy Fong 

Explore the curated list below and click on each collector for more information.

*Note: Two different versions of this story ran in our April print issues (one list of 25 collectors in Houston, and another slightly different list in Dallas). Consequently, this digital list includes the top 27 collectors in Texas — the more art lovers the merrier.