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Candy Theme Park Pops Up in Dallas — and A-List Celebrities Aren’t the Only Ones All In

Reality TV's Candy Queen Knows How to Create a Sweet Wonderland

BY // 03.20.19

Candytopia, an immersive modern day candy factory, is popping up in Dallas in April. More than a dozen rooms filled with larger than life interactive art installations will be open to explore at The Hill (8021 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 2000), formerly the Treehouse location.

The experience comes from the mind of Jackie Sorkin, global candy artist and TLC’s Candy Queen.

The marshmallowy mini-theme park opened in 2018 in Santa Monica, followed by successful runs in San Francisco and New York. It also recently visited Atlanta and Minneapolis.

Why Dallas as the next location for all things sweet?

We love to go big with our candy art and create epic experiences at Candytopia,” Sorkin tells PaperCity. “We know Texans love to go big too so Dallas was a perfect fit for Candytopia’s next stop.”

Uniquely to Dallas, the pop-up will have custom candy art creations that were created especially for Dallasites. I’d expect lots of cowboys and horses.

Candytopia was dreamed up about six years ago after seeing the response to Sorkin’s candy art creations and exhibitions from audiences around the world.

“I was so inspired by the excitement and joy it brought to people of all ages. Most importantly, connection and bringing people from all walks of life together in a place where everyone belongs was my No. 1 goal,” Sorkin says. “My vision was to create an over-the-top, immersive candy dreamworld where anyone can be a kid again, tap into the inner child that lives within us all and just have fun.”

What makes Candytopia different compared to other sugar-related installations is its ability to be enjoyed even without a smartphone or Instagram account, Sorkin tells PaperCity.

“Candytopia is truly a mini-theme park,” she says. “While it’s perfect for photo ops, we see the real magic happen as adults transform back into the kid versions of themselves. No matter your age, Candytopia is a place where everyone gets to feel the pure joy and the freedom of being a kid again.”

Candytopia Marshmallows
Marshmallows! (Photo by Mathew Tuccaiarone)

A-list celebrities have made trips to Candytopia. Drew Barrymore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Biel, Bruce Willis, Adam Sandler, Kevin Durant, Josh Duhamel, Christina Aguilera, James Corden, Wiz Khalifa and Hilary Duff have all been drawn to the candy wonderland.

Candy samples are also handed out along the way, including gummies, sours and chocolate treats. It’s like a real life Wonka factory.

The installation will be open until July 31. Tickets are available online now.

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