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Houston Gets Its Own Graffiti Festival: Street Artists Show Off Their Spray Can Power

BY // 10.08.16

It’s been four decades in the making, but graffiti has gone uptown. A little historical trivia: The word “graffiti” stems from the Italian, a riff on “to scratch” first used in the 19th century to describe ancient tags found on the walls of Pompeii.

Houston’s own scene has been flourishing for decades, and due to one artist’s embrace of its worth and history, aerosol action now has its own festival, sanctioned and supported by Houston First.

The hometown talent with the spray can and clout is Gonzo247 (aka Mario E. Figueroa Jr.) — who’s even pasted with Shepard Fairey. Gonzo is the founding director of Houston’s Graffiti & Street Art Museum and the point person for the second annual HUE (Houston Urban Experience) Festival, a lively paean to the power of the spray can, which spills throughout downtown and eastside venues, October 15 through October 22. Use #HUEFest on Twitter.

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