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Houston’s Underground Art World

New Tours Provide Insider Access to a Scene Few Experience

BY // 09.04.16

Need a way to navigate Houston’s sprawling art world? Want to peer inside top collections, visit the studios of groundbreaking artists, step inside the most significant galleries, and enjoy insider museum access? PaperCity’s Catherine D. Anspon launches ArtLoaf this fall, offering guided tours to the best of Houston’s art world.

Visit the venerable Menil Collection; a controversial New York Times-featured painter; a remarkable outsider artist and her sculpture-filled garden; and a pristine Montrose bungalow given over to art installations, plus celebrated private collections. For 15 Saturdays beginning in September, Catherine introduces you to the people, places, and creations that make Houston the third-largest art capital in America.

Bonus: The fall classes include VIP access Saturday, October 1, to the Texas Contemporary Art Fair, a tour of the Fair and meeting with Mr. Chow, who appears in conversation with former Warhol Museum director Eric Shiner (now Sotheby’s senior VP).

ArtLoaf fall semester: Saturdays, September 10 through December 17, 1 to 4 pm; $450 per person for the season (45 hours of insider art insights and experiences); $800 per couple. Info/register artloaf@outlook.com. Additional questions, Janice Thomas, 713.614.7625.

Cindy Lisica, Michael Chow, Catherine D. Anspon at Mr. Chow's home in Los Angeles, June 2016.
Cindy Lisica, Michael Chow, Catherine D. Anspon at Mr. Chow’s home in Los Angeles, June 2016.

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