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Limited Edition Arty T-Shirts Make Quite a Statement in Dallas

From the Bargain Bin to a Wild Boutique Reinvention

BY // 08.26.17

As Pia Camil’s exhibition, “Bara, Bara, Bara” at the Dallas Contemporary draws to a close, the artist’s compelling work will pop up at another spot in town. Camil has made a series of limited edition T-shirts in collaboration with designer Lorena Vega exclusively for TenOverSix.

The shirts were produced in Latin America, exported to the United States, were discarded and illicitly wound up in the bargain markets of Mexico. Camil then took the garments’ journey one step further, bringing them to Texas.

For the TenOverSix collection, Camil hand selected a few of these T-shirts and altered them with a screen print that documents their journey from production in Latin America to their reinvention in Texas.

The limited series of 50 T-shirts will be sold in sets with drawstring bags for $85. The set also comes with a keychain explaining more about the project.

The capsule collection directly relates to Camil’s exhibition at the Contemporary, which ends on August 27.

The centerpiece of the show, “Divisor Pirata,” is a massive expanse of fabric made from the T-shirts. The artist deconstructed them and sewed them together in a patchwork of colorful fabric, draped across the museum’s gallery to mimic the awning of a marketplace.

Camil intends to draw attention to contemporary trade routes and the permeability of borders with her work.

“She’s always been interested in the relationship between retail, commerce and art,” says Justine Ludwig, Senior Curator at the Dallas Contemporary.

The exhibition “Bara, Bara, Bara” takes its name from the persistent calls of street vendors. Short for the Spanish word “barato,” the call attracts shoppers to the vendors’ array of low-cost goods.

It may seem interesting that an exhibition so concerned with consumerism has found its second life in a high-end boutique, but TenOverSix has long been a champion of independent designers and artists.

Headington Companieswho owns The Joule Hotel where TenOverSix is housed, is a huge supporter of the arts. There’s this understanding and appreciation of art at TenOverSix and The Joule,” says Ludwig.

The project launch will be held at TenOverSix in Downtown Dallas on Saturday, August 26.

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