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Dallas’ Latest Sweet Tooth Hotel Turns Life Into a Disco — and You’re on Stage

Don't Miss the Special Bathroom Souvenirs

BY // 05.23.19
photography Timothy Alsbrooks

The third and newest installation of Dallas’ Sweet Tooth Hotel, Discotech, is opening its doors this Saturday, May 25. The pop-up is completely immersive with silent disco headphones, lights and music. We got a sneak peak of Discotech and the world of Disco Diamond.

With upbeat disco music playing through headphones depending on which room you’re in, you’ll be completely transported.

Upon entering the Sweet Tooth Hotel, you’ll first see an 8-foot tall LED neon ice cream cone on the wall. It was inspired by Steve’s Ice Cream and created by Jeremy Biggers. The ice cream brand will also be there to hand out some sort of treat to guests.

After you check in, you’ll first be able to view two dedicated artist rooms by Shamsy Roomiani and Tramaine Townsend. Deified is Townsend’s room and it’s covered wall-to-wall in security cameras. Interpret it however you want, but the hotel describes it as “All eyes on me(you).” It relates to social media and how a post “can signify a multitude of emotions and thoughts.” But the point is, there’s “no telling who may be watching on the other end.”

Roomiani’s Bedspring room is a whole different vibe. With a single twin bed in the center of the room, flowers spring upward and intertwine to create a floral bed sheet. You can lay on the bed and see a kaleidoscope of color above. It’s a warmer ambiance with gold light.

The Throne Room (Photo by Timothy Alsbrooks)
Whoever sits on the throne will have their face projected on the giant head above. (Photo by Timothy Alsbrooks)

Next, you’ll enter the Disco. Here’s where you’ll be given your musical headphones. Px.lab, a mixed reality studio, created The Throne Room and Joy Ride. In The Throne Room, you can sit on a golden throne and have your face projected above on a giant head. The spotlight is on you, which is a common theme for this installation.


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Then you can take a Joy Ride in the Disco Diamond convertible. Music for both is Disco Diamond featuring Taylor Effin Cleveland. The car room has remixes by Mouth Mold — Blake Ward and Cory Kilduff.

The Disco Diamond’s stage allows guests to sing and be heard only through the headphones. Lighting was done by Duck Lights. Next door, there’s a special VIP green room. You must have a $40 VIP ticket to enter. Here you will be dressed to impress and take pictures in front of groovy backdrops. Wardrobe is provided by Houz of Noel, who also created the interior of Disco Diamond’s Mercedes Benz.

The Reign room houses the bar, which will serve themed cocktails and drinks. Created by Built By Bender x The Moto Conspiracy, the Reign Motorcycle is the highlight of the room. And you can take a ride on it. Meaning, you can just sit on it and take a picture. It’s a ’80s Honda CM400 inspired by the one in Prince’s Purple Rain movie.

On top of everything, restrooms are even themed. In collaboration with Poo-Pouri, there are two restrooms. One covered in rainbows, the other with disco balls. Each guest will leave with a Poo-Pouri sample souvenir.

Sweet Tooth Hotel is known for selling out, so make sure you get your tickets early. They’re timed and general admission is $20. You can purchase tickets here.

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