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Arwa Yemeni Coffee


888 S. Greenville Avenue, Suite 223
Richardson, TX 75081  |  Map

North Texas’ first Yemeni coffee shop, this new spot is located in Richardson. Co-founded by Susan Shihab and Yazan Soofi, Arwa is name after a queen in Yemeni history — as the company is majority female-owned. The shop sources its beans from Yemen and features seven signature drinks, as well as classics like drip coffee, lattes, and espresso. The signature drinks, which baristas will let you sample before you order a full cup, feature coffee, cascara, and spices like cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and more. There are also Yemeni snacks like Honey Comb Buns (Khaliat Alnahl), which is an absolute must try.