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Kin Dee Thai Cuisine

The Heights

1533 N Shepherd Dr, Suite 160
Houston, TX 77008  |  Map

Dine-in, curbside, and delivery available.

Kin Dee Thai Cuisine is participating in Houston Restaurant Weeks.

Monday–Friday: 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm
Saturday–Sunday: 11am-10pm

Sunday–Thursday: 11am-3pm, 5pm-10pm
Friday–Saturday: 11am-5:30pm

Kin Dee, loosely translated as “to Eat Well”, opened in May in the Market at the Heights and features a vibrant 2,500-square feet interior that skews contemporary with custom furnishings and extensive tropical greenery throughout. Inspired by a lifetime of culinary and culturally immersed travel throughout Thailand, Srasrisuwan and Leotkhamfu – Kin Dee’s co-owners from Thailand – take guests on a culinary journey with scratch-made dishes showcasing regional and Royal Thai Family recipes utilizing authentic, hard to source ingredients, as well as a Thai-inspired, herbaceous cocktail menu that pairs perfectly with their late-night offerings. Among the offerings are Green Curry with Rice Noodles, Thai Boat Noodle Soup, Money Bags, and Casseroled Shrimp with Glass Noodles.