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La Lucha

The Heights

1801 N Shepherd Dr
Houston, TX 77008  |  Map

La Lucha’s to-go menu has been expanded to feature new additions like a dozen wood roasted oysters ($32.95), 1/2 lb fried shrimp ($16.95), deviled eggs ($9.95), crispy shrimp tacos ($12.95), and Szechuan shrimp and pork dumpling ($9.95).

La Lucha has also stepped up their game with cocktail offerings, including a boozy milkshake ($8, Dulce de leche soft serve topped with whipped cream and served with a 50ml Evan Williams Whiskey), old fashioned cocktail kit ($60), remember the sling ($13, Mezcal, cherry brandy, pineapple and Squirt), and you’re welcome ($14, Bourbon and rye, two vermouths, bitters).