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$1 Steak Hits Houston and Dallas

Pricey Restaurant Suddenly Goes Cheap

BY // 08.11.15

A steak dinner at Morton’s can cost you more than $50 a person easily. It’s the kind of place that many people save for special occasions (even if using your splurges on a chain restaurant, no matter how good it is, might offend your more pretentious foodie friends).

Still, Morton’s is undeniably a reliable temple of good meat. It even uses the slogan, “The Best Steak Anywhere.”

You expect the best steak to be pricey. And it almost always is at Morton’s. Except for this Thursday, August 13.

Then it will only cost you $1. At least, a filet mignon sandwich will. There’s a limit of 12 $1 steak sandwiches per customer (after that you’ll have to pay full price — and get all your pants resized.) The deal honors National Filet Mignon Day (yes, another one of those silly food holidays that bring some surprisingly good bargains).

This steak sandwich deal is good at all 73 Morton’s restaurants around the world— including the two in Houston and the single locations in Dallas and San Antonio.

“We hope our customers will enjoy this special discount and share the experience with family and friends,” Tim Whitlock, Morton’s senior vice president of operations, says in a statement.

The one catch? You need to eat those $1 steak sandwiches in the bar area. Let the expense account and special occasion diners eat in peace, without a reminder of how much cheaper your steakhouse check is going to be.

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