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$200 Million Diamond Art, 30-Minute Recipe Myths and a Legend’s Death

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BY // 12.07.15

Our editors are a diverse lot, and are constantly perusing a long and broad list of publications and sites. Fashion? Art? Architecture? Culinary studies? In What We’re Reading, PaperCity shares the wealth.

It has an estimated cost of $200 million, and a centerpiece 104-carat diamond. Its creator, Wallace Chan, is a craftsman of unparalleled grace, and he’ll sell you a piece of his work only if he likes you. Get a look at his art here.

Do you cook regularly at home? Find it easy? Or do you curse at the recipes that state “you can make this in 30 minutes or less”? Here’s an interesting take on the issue.

The sound of a typewriter at work is a rare sound these days. They once occupied space on every desk in an office, and the documents they produced have ended wars and begun projects both infamous and forgotten. I have several manual typewriters that I have lovingly restored, and use them often. So does this man.

Holly Woodlawn has died. She was a legend, and Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side” ensures she will be sung about for a very long time. Her story is fascinating.



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