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Houston’s Super Bowl Halftime Act Wish List Leaked in Record Time

And Hello, the No. 1 Choice is a Megastar

BY // 08.11.16

Houston’s Super Bowl almost can’t help but be the biggest Super Bowl ever. It’s not just a Texas thing, or a Bayou City thing. It’s the NFL way.

So perhaps it should be no surprise that Super Bowl LI halftime show wish list has seemingly been leaked in record time. A full five and a half months before Houston’s Super Bowl Sunday, heck, a full month before the 2016 NFL season even kicks off, it’s come out that Adele is the superstar that the NFL is courting to take the world’s biggest music stage.

Adele and her awe-inspiring voice would instantly become one of the most-anticipated Super Bowl halftime acts ever. She would give the NFL the chance to at least approach the buzz created by the last Houston Super Bowl halftime — you know, the infamous Janet Jackson Nipplegate halftime. But in a way the NFL actually appreciates.

One slight problem … Adele herself says she has already turned the NFL down cold.

Of course, Houstonians hoping for a Super Bowl headliner with local ties, Beyonce or ZZ Top (never happening, it’s the ultra-conservative NFL) for example, figure to be disappointed by the names in consideration. But if you think the National Football League puts on its Super Bowls for the local host city, you must have been hanging out with the cast of Downton Abbey for the last decade, because you’re living in another time. The Super Bowl’s all about the global audience — and an act like Adele’s a major force in that type of mission.

Beyonce already did the Super Bowl last February.

Furthermore, Beyonce teamed up with Bruno Mars for the halftime show of Super Bowl 50 just last February in the Bay area. The NFL doesn’t do repeats on its grandest platform.

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Hello? The corporate choice seems pretty cut and dried.

The Sun, a United Kingdom newspaper, reports that the major thing standing between Adele and the gig are her own trepidations about the dimensions and sound quality of the over-produced NFL halftime stage. “It’s Adele’s nerves that are the issue,” an unnamed NFL source tells the publication.

Is Adele simply negotiating?

In a way, it’s hard to imagine any singing star turning down a stage that music’s biggest icons — Prince, Madonna, U2, and The Rolling Stones, to name but a few — have owned. People don’t reject the Super Bowl. That’s why your grandma even watches it.

Houston’s Super Bowl went after the singer that everyone wants to see. Just try to get tickets to an Adele concert. You’re talking Hamilton prices. They’ll be more music stars pursued for Houston’s big moment now, of course. Super Bowl halftimes have become more and more multi-act affairs.

But for international megastars, it doesn’t get much bigger than Adele these days. Who’s your backup?

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