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Turks and Caicos’ Unique Wellness Wonderland Makes Every Vacation Personal — Inside Amanyara’s Luxury Land of Details

Where Design, Treatments and Legends Come Together

BY // 01.25.23

Upon arrival at the Amanyara luxury beach resort, the focus on design splashes over you like the waves of the surrounding turquoise waters. Stepping onto the welcome pavilion of this Turks and Caicos resort, the wooden walled, open air heart of the property sets the tone for the rest of the Jean-Michel Gathy designed wonderland.

Minimalistic clean lines surround a reflection pool to create a serene scene brimming with meticulously crafted details. Even the pergolas overlooking the crashing waves and the sky-high ceiling in the hotel’s bar lined with immaculately placed beams perfectly frame the ocean and breathtaking sunsets.

This same attention to detail is seen throughout your stay. Amanyara not only takes a thoughtful approach to design but to its entire programming. 

Like the other ultra high-end Aman resorts, Amanyara is acutely in touch with the layers required to make a beach vacation a truly unforgettable beach vacation. Whether you’re there for a romantic couples getaway, a wellness retreat or lively family vacation, the magic of an Amanyara stay comes in the details. 

The spacious luxurious accommodations at this Turks and Caicos resort bring subtle but important differences to suit an array of different vacation needs. 

There are ultra private, standalone pavilions overlooking sparkly lagoons, larger pavilions set atop the limestone rocks guarding the glistening ocean complete with private pools, and multi-bedroom villas perfect for a family or group. The villas themselves, ranging from two to five bedrooms, are smartly designed as a cluster of isolated pavilions surrounding a main pavilion with a shared indoor and outdoor living area ideal for memory making. Each villa comes with a doting butler and private chef who works to build a completely custom experience at every meal.

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Amanyara, Turks and Caicos – Bar_5746
The Bar at Amanyara is impeccably designed to frame the turquoise blue waters and the nightly sunsets.

But what about the food? Dining at Amanyara transcends the ordinary at every turn. Led by Executive Chef Piero Revoredo Oblitas, the curated menus pay homage to his Peruvian heritage while giving guests a taste of culinary innovation with an homage to both the local Turks and Caicos community and Aman’s Asian roots. Amanyara’s affinity for detailed customization can extend into pretty much any private dining scenario a guest can dream up.

The hotel’s cooking and cocktail making classes allow you to delight in learning how to use the freshest ingredients. Chef Piero’s team educates vacationeers with classes that include the art of crafting fresh ceviche the authentic Peruvian way. You can even learn how to properly shake the hotel’s signature tropical cocktail for an added burst of fun before eating.

Amanyara, Turks and Caicos – Activities, kids, pizza making 2.tif_31100
Cooking classes at Amanyara are one of their many activities that make up the bespoke guest experience.

A World of Wellness in a Turks and Caicos Paradise

The super high-end Aman resorts are known for their curated programming and seasonal experiences and Turks and Caicos’ Amanyara is no exception. The focus on wellness is particularly elaborate. Wellness manager Toby Maguire oversees an operation with a treatment plan for every type of vacationer. Like almost everything else at Amanyara, it’s personalized.

Amanyara’s Wellness Immersions are designed to encourage mindfulness and help with stress management. A wellness team of therapists, nutritionists and medical specialists will tailor a revitalizing treatment plan centered around whatever your individual health goals are. 

My own Amanyara Wellness Immersion started with a one-on-one consultation. Maguire conducted an AcuGraph test to measure my energy lines and gauge the energy flow in my body. Not shockingly, I was told I needed to slow down and destress. Maguire then filled my remaining days with a custom itinerary of Qi Gong, yoga, breath work and a grounding massage. Depending on how rigorous you want your program to be, Maguire’s wellness revitalization program can go as deep as suggesting your menu choices. 

The spa, like one of Amanyara’s luxury villas, has four spacious treatment rooms surrounded by a calming pool perfect for lounging around in between massages and yoga classes. 

The nearby fitness facilities are equally impressive with a full Pilates studio at the expansive Fitness Centre, four tennis courts, a multi-sport field and a volleyball court.

Amanyara, Turks & Caicos – The Beach Club_25396
Amanyara is acutely in touch with the layers required to make a beach vacation a true beach vacation.

Amanyara has made a splash with discerning luxury vacationers with its Legends Program, a rotation of visiting specialists that dot the calendar. You can learn directly from professional athletes and notable wellbeing gurus, including celebrity trainers and acclaimed neuropaths.

Over each multi-day Legends Program, Amanyara hosts intimate, face-to-face training sessions and cocktail receptions with the legend. Previous legends and specialists include former No. 1 tennis star Maria Sharapova, Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, current NBA player Kevin Love, globally renowned clinical psychologist Shauna Shapiro and Erika Bloom, founder of Erika Bloom Pilates,

A personally-tailored Amanyara experience is liable to make you realize that special impeccably curated details add up to one memorable getaway. This isn’t a vacation as much as it’s an unforgettable relaxation experience in beyond beautiful surroundings, which is really the point.

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