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Dallas’ Best DIY Classes — From Coffee to Comedy to Glass Art, Learn by Doing

It's Much Better Than Just Another Bar Night

BY // 08.15.19

It’s always good to keep learning they say. Who are they? I don’t know, but it sounds like a smart idea. Learning something new keeps the brain active and hands-on activities can ease anxiety. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook, create something new, or make people laugh, Dallas has got the classes.

Whether you’re looking to deep dive into a new hobby or try a new one-time experience, here are five of the best options for DIY classes in Dallas.

The Cookery

1130 Dragon Street, Suite 180

For a date night or a true desire to learn how to cook better, or cook at all, The Cookery is the place to take a class. Each three hour class is taught by a culinary instructor who guides students through the creation of a three to four course dinner. Before you get started, a free drink and appetizers are offered that reflect the theme of the class and get inspired.

Types of cuisine range from brunch and sushi to pasta making and mediterranean. Each course costs $95 and holds about 14 people. All levels, from beginners to the more experienced, can attend. And the best part is that you get to eat the food you cook.

White Rock Coffee Brew Lab

10109 E. Northwest Highway

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Local roaster White Rock Coffee, hosts a brew lab for coffee enthusiasts a couple Saturdays a month. Ranging from Brewing Basics to Home Roasting, classes vary by experience and price. For $30, you can take the two- hour Coffee Brewing Basics class, which teaches you the five elements of brewing. You’ll also be able to taste five different coffees.

For those looking to enhance their barista skills, there’s a Home Barista Hands On class for $140. This two and half hour class includes the basics of pulling espresso, steaming milk, adjusting a grinder, and cleaning the machinery.

Or you can participate in the Home Roasting class that teaches you how to roast coffee beans at home with an airpop popcorn popper and two types of home roasters.

Dallas Comedy House

3036 Elm Street

With the Dallas Comedy House Re-Grand Opening coming up this weekend, the club will also be bringing back its improv and sketch classes. Registration will begin in September, with classes ranging from basic workshops to stand-up, sketch, improv and storytelling.

Beginners must start at Level 1 for Improv, which is a seven week course for $285. You can then move on to levels two through six. For Sketch, you also must begin at Level 1 before moving on to two and three. For Stand-Up Level 1 and Storytelling Level 1 there aren’t any prerequisites.

Dallas Glass Art

1820 Irving Boulevard

On the weekends, you can sign up for glassblowing classes at Dallas Glass Art in the Design District. Open to family and friends in the morning and afternoons, anyone over the age of 6 can attend. The class will begin with a brief intro and item demo. Guests will create one glass item and are free to leave or stay the remaining two hours once they finish.

Depending on the course — this month includes an Optic Mini Vase and Globes class, Fused Glass, Hot Glass and Cold Beer — classes range from $50 to $80 . In September, there will be a Paperweights and Bubble Bowls and Pumpkins and Leaves classes for the fall season.

Dallas Glass Art
Try your hand at glass blowing at Dallas Glass Art. Courtesy of Dallas Glass Art

Upstairs Circus

2810 Main Street

And if you want a more casual and crafty take on a class, be sure to check out Upstairs Circus this fall. The Denver-based spot is opening in Deep Ellum around November. It’s a DIY workshop meets bar, with another Texas location already in Austin. You’ll be able to come with friends or jump in and meet new people.

The process is simple: reserve a spot, pick from more than 25 projects, and show up to create. The Austin project menu includes everything from bracelet making and string art to woodworking and leather work.

Depending on the challenge level of the project, times vary from one to three hours. The cost is about $39 for a person — and cocktails, wine and craft beer are extra.

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