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Billionaire Tycoon — and Donald Trump Adviser — Reveals All His Secrets

Go-To Swear Word Included

BY // 01.06.17

Thomas Boone Pickens Jr. is a bona fide legend. Better known as T. Boone Pickens, he rode hard in the 1980s as a corporate raider and takeover operator, and today he chairs BP Capital Management (that’s Boone Pickens, not British Petroleum).

The 88-year-old billionaire began his business career at 12 with a newspaper route, which he rapidly grew from 28 to 156 papers. As he cites in his 2008 book, the first billion is the hardest. Pickens has been married five times — most recently in 2014 — and is a proud Oklahoma State University alum and major athletics donor. With Donald Trump leaning on him for energy advice, he is in the spotlight again — and figures to stay there.

Now, Pickens is caught DUI – discussing under the influence — his disdain for poetry, his love for Ronald Reagan, his favorite meal of all time and the joys of voting for Abe Lincoln in a PaperCity exclusive.

Profession other than your own at which you would like to excel?
Basketball coach.

Have you ever been in handcuffs?
Seriously? Never.

Favorite painter?
G. Harvey.

Real-life heroes.
Ronald Reagan. Oh, and the first president I ever voted for, Abe Lincoln.

Favorite food.
Tenderloin filet. Charred. Medium rare.

How high have you been?
High enough. More than 50,000 feet on the old Concorde.

Favorite poet.
I’m not a poetry fan.

The best meal you’ve ever had.
My mother’s hamloaf.

If there could be only one building in the world, which one would you choose?
Boone Pickens Stadium at Oklahoma State University.

Most beloved expletive.

Favorite novel.
Empire of the Summer Moon by S.C. Gwynne.

What are you most likely to be arrested for?
I’ve made it to 88. I promise you, I’ll make the finish line without an arrest.

What you do to relax.

Favorite drug.

Favorite word.

Profession you’d least like to do.

Favorite film and actor.
Lone Survivor. John Wayne.

Most life-altering experience.
The day in college at my fraternity pinning ceremony when my father became my brother. He pulled me aside and told me, “Son, a fool with a plan could beat a genius with no plan. Your mother and I are worried we have a fool with no plan.”

Single quality that should define a man.
Work ethic.

The quality that should define a woman.
Are you kidding me? I learned my lesson on this a long time ago.

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