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Self-Made Fitness Entrepreneur Opens Up New Studio at Preston Center

Going to Class With a Strong Woman

BY // 09.23.19

Fitness guru Jasmine Zutter opened her first Class Studios location at West Village in February 2018. Now, the hybrid studio, which includes cycling and circuit training under one roof, is expanding to a second location at Preston Center this fall.

Along with the expansion, which will bring three brand new workouts to Class Studios, Zutter will also be participating in the inaugural FAME Fest this weekend. This new fitness, arts, music and experience festival is debuting at Omni Dallas and Zutter is hauling in 50 cycle bikes for the event.

On Friday, there will be three cycle classes, two of which will be Class Studios sessions. And on Saturday, Zutter will be hosting the festival’s Train 45 class.

“I’m excited to see how fitness will become the cool thing to do on the weekends,” she says. “Usually fitness is an afterthought, or just part of the agenda.”

Zutter believes the FAME Fest elevates fitness and hopes it will influence people to center their day or weekend around fitness.

After working as a high school teacher in New York for five years and then working as a spin instructor in Dallas, Zutter was initially inspired to open Class Studios because of the direction she saw fitness heading in the city. Her main goal was to bring people more variety and different options.

And her new studio will bring even more variety to the scene. All included in one membership with West Village and twice the size, the Preston Center space will offer a new heated, rhythm based class called Sculpt 45, a running-based class named Sprint 60 and a smaller third studio dubbed The Lab.

“It’ll be an incubator for instructors who are creative and want to program different workouts,” Zutter tells PaperCity. “It’ll also be a room that other members of the fitness community can use to help expand their brand.”

Class Studios
Class Studios in West Village offers: Cycle 45 and Train 45. Courtesy of Class Studios

As for the name Class Studios, it references Zutter’s love of the classroom.

“Teaching has always been my passion,” she says. It’s connecting with people that come from all different backgrounds with different goals, that come together to learn something that she finds really fulfilling.

While her business began to grow, the goal for Zutter started to morph from surface level to something much deeper. “I discovered what an amazing tight knit community that we built,” she says. “It truly feels like family.”

And with Women’s Health & Fitness Day coming up this Wednesday, Zutter has some of her own experiences to share. After three years of struggling with infertility, the fitness instructor delivered her first baby 11 days before opening her West Village studio in 2018. She also had two twin boys just three and a half months ago.

“I’ve learned that the balance is different for everyone,” Zutter says. The work-life balance that is. “I’ve relinquished perfection and am just doing my best for both things.” Being a mom of three sons, she notes, “I just want to give them an example of what a strong woman looks like.”

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