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Famed Houston TV News Icon Dominique Sachse Joins Dr. Phil In Dallas — Going Back to Her Roots For a Morning Show Moment

Proving You Should Never Say Never

BY // 01.25.24

The first to admit that one should never say never, Dominique Sachse revealed on Thursday that the next chapter in her storied life finds her landing back in the news. Literally on a news desk. This go-round it will be as part of famed talk show host Dr. Phil McGraw’s Merit Street Media, which launches on February 26.

The popular Sachse will cohost Morning on Merit Street along with another news veteran, Emmy Award winning Fanchon Stinger in a program “like most morning news programs will cover the latest news while also offering a lifestyle-focused approach with such topics as health, fitness, parental advice, financial guidance and more,” according to Next/TV. The show will air from 7 am to 9 am, Central Time.

The former longtime KPRC Channel 2 news anchor in Houston revealed the surprising career move to her 1.89 million YouTube followers, many of whom have been guessing the reason for Sachse’s recent move from Houston to Dallas. She posted about her change of address on YouTube earlier this month with no hint of the why behind it.

“You knew for me to make a move like this, it would have to be something huge. And when I say it’s huge, I do mean it is beyond the scope of anything that I could truly have imagined,” Sachse told her YouTube followers.

Screen Shot 2024-01-25 at 3.57.52 PM
Dominique Sachse on YouTube announcing her new gig on the morning news with Dr. Phil’s Merit Street Media in Dallas.

Sachse will be working out of Merit Street Media‘s state-of-the-art, five-acre news studio in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“I am back in the business in a way that brings such joy to my heart because the decision making in doing live news content for me is steeped in true journalism, is steeped in truth and storytelling and presenting both sides,” Sachse detailed. “It’s why I got into the business in the first place.

“It’s letting the audience decide where they stand on an issue instead of spoon feeding agenda which is partly why I got out of the business. I saw it becoming something that I couldn’t align with anymore. And I was so grateful that my YouTube content and everything had grown in such a way that I could transfer over and make a business out of that and start a podcast and release a book. Timing was such a blessing.”

Coincidentally, in 2021 when Sachse was sharing her life’s story and personal beliefs with the Houston Symphony League, she mentioned that as a little girl she envisioned her self anchoring NBC’S Today Show. Voila! It’s not the NBC behemoth, but Merit Street Media notes on its website that it has “commitments already exceeding 65 million television homes and pending agreements set to significantly expand that number.”

As Sachse says, “February 26 can’t get here fast enough.”

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