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This Bourbon Whiskey’s Not For Everyone, But Serious Drinkers Will Love It

BY // 10.19.16

It’s not for everyone. How often do you hear that? Perhaps someone you know utters the phrase when tasting a cheese unfamiliar to them, say, a particularly strong but delicious Bulgarian feta. I once overheard a woman — stylishly dressed, a self-professed “foodie” — proclaim that “Rieslings are too sweet; I don’t know how anyone can drink them. I guess they’re not for everyone.”

Well, today I encountered something that really isn’t for everyone: Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey, from 3 Badge Beverage Corporation, a California-based outfit that is aging and bottling juice rumored to come from Dickel. Why is it not for everyone?

Well, it’s aged for six years — and the first batch averages something closer to seven and a half years — but it is tasting very young. If you are looking for a “typical” drink, this might not be for you.

If, however, you own your fair share of bottles and want to try something different and share with your drinking mates, go for this. You’ll probably enjoy the leather and grass notes, and pine and slight rye taste. I did. I drank first without added water, and was immediately struck by a smoothness that was almost too smooth. The mouthfeel is a bit limp, or slight, or perhaps thin. I added a drop or two of water, and settled in for some sipping.

Chestnuts are mentioned by people who taste Bib & Tucker, and I concur. An entirely agreeable flavor, one that I look forward to savoring on a cool evening.

The product was distilled twice, once through a copper still and then through copper pot. The mash is 70 percent corn, 26 percent rye, and four percent malted barley. Alcohol is 46 percent/92 proof. No. 1 charred barrels — American White Oak — were used for aging.

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