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A Flood Ruined Cellphone Savior?

Texas Company Offers Its CPR Wet Phone Service to Harvey Victims for Free

BY // 08.30.17

Before Hurricane Harvey pounded Texas, PaperCity digital director Chris Baldwin’s iPhone went through an inadvertent wash cycle. That same day, PaperCity received a press release touting the solution for wet cellphones. DryBox Ventures Inc., based in San Antonio, claims to have come up with a solution for soggy smartphones. 

The release was passed along to Baldwin who went to one of the outlet’s stations at H-E-B and tested the service. It failed. His thoroughly soaked phone did not recover in this particular instance.

However, DryBox Rescue Self-Serve Kiosk is offering free service to anyone who has suffered water damage in the flooded Texas counties. The company touts its system as being able to remove moisture and water. We are not endorsing the company but if it’s free, perhaps it’s worth a try. (The service normally runs close to $40.)

Houston DryBox Rescue Self-Serve Kiosks are located at H-E-B stores at: 

  • 5225 Buffalo Speedway, Houston
  • 5859 San Felipe Street, Houston
  • 10919 Louetta Road, Houston

And in West Oaks Mall.

When instructed you are to use the PROMO CODE: HARVEY.

The company boasts that the service is “like CPR for a wet phone.” There are warnings from the company that must be adhered to. “Do not power your phone on. Do not charge and do not put it in rice.”

The company did not return a request for more information in time for posting of this article.

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