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Houston’s 10 Best Trivia Nights — Bars That Get the Fun and Games Mix Right

When Showing Your Knowledge and Drinking Go Together

BY // 04.16.19

When it comes to weeknight entertainment, your options can seem like a bit of a question mark. You don’t want to go out too hard, but you don’t just want to sit idly at home. Drinks are an option, but that doesn’t strike you as diverting enough.

So, why not trivia? There are ample opportunities at Houston bars to test your knowledge and stump even the most curious of your friends. Band together as a team and see how far you get to win a bevy of prizes and be dubbed the champion of quizzes.

Just ask yourself: Why not head to one of the Top 10 Trivia Nights in Houston? These are spots where fun and games reign.

Under the Radar Brewery

1506 Truxillo

This brewery might not be so under-the-radar anymore, but it’s every bit as fun. It’s a little piece of paradise, a sprawling, casual patio tucked away in the neighborhood, dotted with yellow umbrellas and picnic tables.

Under the Radar hosts trivia every Thursday night at 7:30 pm — the perfect pairing with the all-day $4 pint special. The trivia theme changes from week to week, always covering top pop culture movies and TV shows — think Game of Thrones, Legally Blonde, Avengers and Star Wars.

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Winners earn beer tokens as their trophy.

Kenneally’s Irish Pub

2111 South Shepherd

This tried-and-true Irish pub is celebrated for its excellent pours of Guinness, its charming patio, surprisingly tasty, thin-crust pizzas — think a meat-lover’s paradise with the Hangover Special, featuring pepperoni, Italian sausage, hamburger, bacon and jalapenos.

It’s best enjoyed Monday nights at 8, when trivia kicks off inside the painted white brick building. There’s plenty of time, since trivia doesn’t wind down until 9:45, after three rounds of three questions, a half-time question, three more rounds of three questions, followed by the final question.

First place gets a $40 gift certificate to the bar, second place gets a $20 certificate and third place earns a complimentary two-topping pizza.


1336 Westheimer

This dive is devoted to cocktails, trivia and more than its fair share of DJs. It’s an unassuming spot in a rather splashy section on Montrose — super close to the easy breezy Present Company. But what this hangout lacks in flair, it makes up for with trivia.

Every Wednesday at 8:30, Drag Queen Trivia kicks off, hosted by the iconic Veronica Strutts. Each month has a particular theme, such as this April’s Parks & Rec. The dazzling emcee moderates two rounds of general questions, followed by one theme-specific set. A craft brewery sponsors the event each week.

There’s a $5 entry fee, and the winning team overall gets the whole pot. But round winners get a pretty sweet deal, too — swag from the hosting brewery.

The Flying Saucer

705 Main

This Downtown beer haven is renowned for its crazy-intense bevy of brews, both domestic and international. But it’s not just the pilsners and IPAs, the stouts and lagers that people come for. The decor’s enough of a draw, with saucers aplenty lining the walls.

It’s a little distracting come trivia time, but totally worth it. Flying Saucer does a double whammy on Tuesday nights, with trivia games at 7:30 and then again at 9:30 pm. It’s a fight to the finish, with the ultimate annual Trivial Super Bowl pitting the top teams of 2019 against each other.

First-place winners are granted $100 in gift certificates, and the sponsoring brewery gives out their own gifts, like a private event at the brewery for the entire trivia team.

Little Woodrow’s

Multiple locations

Trivia masterminds Geeks Who Drink invade the many Little Woodrow’s outposts all week long to test the wits of anyone and everyone who dares to conquer their eight mystifying categories.

Each round features eight questions. Two rounds are audio  — think musical artists you’ve got to identify based on just a few bars of a song — one round is visual and the rest are read aloud. Victory doesn’t come easily, but pints on the expansive patios alleviate the nail-biting a bit.

The prize each week is an Amazon gift card.

Revelry on Richmond

1613 Richmond

What’s in a name? Well, everything at this sleek sports bar, with myriad oversized TVs — and even games projected on the wall when there’s something huge going on. It’s kind of an open-air joint, with plenty of craft brews on tap.

Geeks Who Drink comes alive at Revelry on Taco Tuesdays starting at 8 pm, when tasty tacos are a mere $3 and you can sip on tequila-infused cocktails for just $5. Now, that’s what we call brain food.

Every week, Revelry gives a gift card to first and second place.

The Richmond Arms Pub

5920 Richmond

This British pub is very much an institution, a classic draw from its traditional fare from across the pond, like Scottish eggs and Cornish pasties, to its Boddingtons on draft and showings of international soccer, or football, whatever you want to call it.

This formidable fixture hosts trivia every Wednesday night at 7 pm.

The trivia game is $2 per person with six people per team, and the winning group takes home the whole pot of money from the entry fees.

Griff’s Irish Pub

3416 Roseland

Griff’s isn’t just about pleasing the locals with delicious fried pub grub, sports showings, darts and beer buckets galore. It’s also about the epic trivia, which has been going on at this dive bar for a decade now.

Thursday trivia night was originally concocted by Vernon Allen Smith, a beloved friend of the pub known for his savvy questions and clever commentary. The carefully crafted questions come at a $3 entry price.

And the winning team splits the pot.

The Secret Group

2101 Polk

This nightspot is a bit of a puzzler all on its own. It’s offbeat, dark and keeps you guessing with a variety of themed nights, from stand-up comedy to alternative concerts and 1990s dance parties. But trivia night may just top them all.

Monday night trivia kicks off at 8 pm, with five rounds of general trivia covering all different categories.

Try your hand at answering these toughies to win a bar tab and Jagermeister hockey jersey.

porch swing pub
Porch Swing Pub is serious about its Wednesday trivia.

Porch Swing Pub

69 Heights Boulevard

This place is every bit as chill as the name would suggest, featuring serious laidback patio vibes and casual pub eats. It’s definitely a friendly neighborhood bar that makes the most of hump day, offering not just trivia but Bock-N-BBQ with a 16-ounce rib-eye with a baked potato.

Trivia is more casual than cutthroat, with five rounds of six questions each, starting at 7:30.


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