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Innovative Solar Lights Give Hope for a New Future in This Direct Energy Program

BY // 11.01.16

Light is life. It bathes you in its glow, casts warmth on your home. You couldn’t create without it, study without it, cook without it, and its absence leaves you, well, in the dark.

Direct Energy believes in the power of light, and, with MPOWERD’s Luci Lights, is spreading it around the world, illuminating the lives of thousands of deserving schoolchildren and families in Kenya and Rwanda, South Sudan and Malawi. Now, instead of relying on a flashlight that needs costly batteries, or polluting kerosene to provide light after dark, these children are walking home in the evening and doing their homework by safe, solar-powered Luci lights.

We’ve adopted these well-designed and much-needed lights as this year’s PaperCity outreach initiative. Each light lasts up to 12 hours; is inflatable, collapsible, and waterproof; and serves as a lantern, flashlight, and emergency light, all in one. The powerful LEDs shine in three settings: bright, super-bright, and flashing.

“1.5 billion people in the developing world live without electricity.”

Join us in supporting this laudable campaign by signing up for Direct Energy’s Give Brighter 12 plan. When you do, you’ll receive a Luci light, and one will be given to someone around the world who really needs its clean, solar-powered illumination. You can help be a light for the world by visiting directenergy.com/givebrighter or calling 844.693.2305.

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