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Lady Gaga Pulls Off Safest Stunt in Super Bowl History

Did Trump Fear Impact Dramatic Roof Dive?

BY // 02.05.17

Lady Gaga came in through the roof, but the pop superstar hardly risked anything during her highly-entertaining non-controversial halftime show. Gaga never even flirted with the slightest Donald Trump reference during her performance — and in the end put on one of the safest halftime shows of all time.

Yes, it’s possible to be beyond safe athletically coming down to the stage on an elaborate wire harness contraption. You just have to start by singing “God Bless America” and make sure you don’t come close to offending anyone. This was Corporate Gaga at Super Bowl LI — as non-threatening and all American as apple pie.

Which doesn’t take anything away from the visual dramatics of Gaga’s halftime show.

She shunned the high-powered musical guests of recent Super Bowls past (this was a pure Gaga show) in favor of a popping scene that brought all types of new visuals to the Super Bowl stage. When the stadium lite up in phone flashlights as Gaga sang “Million Reasons” or the fireworks shot up from the roof at closing, no one was complaining.

Gaga entertained — and sang — like few other halftime acts.

She just also made it a safe space for everyone. Vice President Mike Pence likely happily exhaled in his luxury suite when Gaga disappeared from view. There would be no Hamilton repeats. Nothing the NFL would fret about.

Maybe that should be enough. After all, Lady Gaga let everyone know not to expect a crusader on the world’s biggest music stage.

“The only statements that I’ll be making during the halftime show are the ones that I’ve been consistently making throughout my career,” Gaga said in her only appearance this week before Sunday.

Houston — and NRG Stadium — looked great during the halftime spectacle. But did Lady Gaga?

This wasn’t a Janet Jackson wardrobe blunder or even an MIA middle finger. It was dramatic, but only in a purely show business way. It left more than a few on twitter pining for Beyonce. But she’s a little busy right now if you haven’t heard.

Lady Gaga kept her busy career humming along too.

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