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Lizzo and a Houston Artist’s Shared Love of Shipley’s Do-Nuts Leads to Sweetest Painting Ever

Reagan Corbett Hopes to Make Quite the Impression of Music Mega Star With Her Vision of a Pink Frosted, Sprinkled Donut

BY // 03.08.20

We’ve all heard of outlandish celebrity riders — those list of big-time performer demands. The crazy roll call of treats and perks some celebrities insist on for their appearances provide a rare peek inside the big names’ true selves.

Now, an innovative Houston artist is preempting the celebrity rider and making sure Shipley’s D0-Nuts biggest celebrity fan will leave the Rodeo with the souvenir of all Shipley’s souvenirs.

Bayou City artist Reagan Corbett and her team at ReagART plan to gift a special painting of a Shipley’s donut to Lizzo when she is in town for her RodeoHouston concert this Friday, March 13th.

Corbett’s 48″ x 48″ painting of a mouthwatering pink frosted and sprinkled Shipley’s donut will be waiting for Lizzo upon her arrival at NRG stadium.

Reagan Corbett Art
Reagan Corbett has defined herself as major Texas art name with her witty and playful pop art takes on nostalgic concepts.

The stars aligned for this Shipley’s art moment when news of Lizzo’s Rodeo performance was confirmed. Corbett had already been inspired to depict the iconic treat as it perfectly coincides with her pop art approach to putting playfully ingenious spins on nostalgic Texas icons and culture. Corbett’s longtime love of the Houston Rodeo and major respect for the unapologetically herself singer was “the perfect storm” to not only make a dream work of art come to life but to put it in the hands of a fellow Houston artist with a soft spot for the city’s favorite doughy treat.

Lizzo’s love for Shipley’s became unmistakably clear after she posted a video of her busting some serious moves in front of a local Shipley’s Do-Nuts shop that went viral, sparking some serious H Town pride.

“From one Houston artist to another, I knew Lizzo had to receive this painting as a thank you for inspiring the Texas art community,” Corbett tells PaperCity.

The scrappy Houston painter stops at nothing to continue her craft and her unique identity and the same is true for the Lizzo, who has held tight to her authentic message of passionate self love and positivity, earning her accolades and an enormous fan base.

Both artists seem to have an incredible tenacity to come out on top in an oversaturated industry and we are here for this collision of artistic creators.

Corbett is building a major name for herself in the Texas art community after spending her entire life immersed in the fine arts that Houston has to offer. She eventually launched a full fledged career as a studio artist with a contemporary pop art focus, earning many notable collectors and attention.

Lizzo’s incredible story of finding chart topping fame almost overnight after years and years of hard work and training, including being a band member at Alief Elsik High School and the University of Houston, resonates. Lizzo’s skyrocket flight to fame is due in part to her unwavering confidence as an artist and she clearly hasn’t forgotten her H-Town roots.

News of this Shipley’s inspired art gift is starting to gather attention with Corbett appearing on the Fox 26 Morning Show.

In celebration of the painting, the ReagART force has dropped a collection of limited edition prints of the painting for sale. The 16″ x 16″ prints cost $250 and will be available until they sell out (Corbett’s print drops have been known to sell out like wildfire).

Corbett also will be at NRG Stadium Friday night for Lizzo’s big show.  Fingers crossed, these dynamic H-Town artists will meet. And maybe share a Shipley’s donut moment.

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