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Marrying Millions — Dallas Mega Developer and Controversial Rangers Star’s Ex Shake Up the Reality TV Norms

Bill Hutchinson and Katie Hamilton Head Untraditional Power Couples

BY // 06.28.19

Powerhouse developer Bill Hutchinson and his girlfriend Brianna Ramirez will be one of the two couples from Dallas on Lifetime’s newest reality TV series, Marrying Millions.

Premiering on July 10, the show follows six couples who come from completely different worlds, one being extremely wealthy. In Hutchinson and Ramirez’s case, their 40 year age gap (he is 61, she is 21) is the even bigger difference.

Hutchinson, founder and CEO of commercial real estate company Dunhill Partners, met Ramirez when she was working as a hostess at Blue Mesa Grill. She was 18 years old at the time. Apparently, they just hit it off and after a few years of dating, are ready to share their relationship on screen.

Lifetime has released a couple of sneak peaks of issues the couple will face throughout the show, including Hutchinson’s friends’ disapproval of their age difference.

In another clip, Ramirez is reluctant to join Hutchinson at his many philanthropic social engagements throughout town. Probably because of all that disapproval from  friends and onlookers.

The second Dallas couple is former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton’s ex-wife, Katie Hamilton and her 23 year-old beau Kolton Pierce. In this case, Hamilton is the older woman. She’s 37 years-old. The two were introduced by Hamilton’s 18 year-old daughter, when she had some friends over to their house, a group that included Kolton.

Hamilton is the wealthy one in this situation, and Pierce is a rapper. You can find his most recent music video for “Bad At Love” here. The two have been dating for a few months, and this song title doesn’t seem to be a great indication for the future.

According to show, all the featured couples are seriously considering marriage — hence the Marrying Millions title.

The show premieres at 9 pm on Wednesday, July 10 — and plenty will be tuning in to see how it all plays out under the reality TV lens.

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