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Best Things to do in Houston This Weekend — a Hot Homecoming Included

Megan Thee Stallion Knows Summer Must End

BY Virginia Reynolds and Matthew Ramirez // 09.06.19

Houston weekends are packed full of events, but how many of them are truly worthy of your time? PaperCity’s new events calendar offers a curated look at all the best things to do in the area. But everyone can still use a guru — or two.

PaperCity Weekend Gurus Matthew Ramirez and Virginia Reynolds cull our calendar for your weekend must dos in this weekly series.

Transportable Cities: Mexico City at 5 O’Clock

Mexico City artist Cecilia Villanueva isn’t known for painting “whole” or “complete” reflections of the world. One look at her artwork, and you’ll find vague lines, fluid spaces, and, at times, nearly jigsaw-like borders. But these painted images are what make Villanueva’s artwork captivating and meaningful.

Her most recent solo show, Transportable Cities: Mexico City at 5 O’Clock, A Depiction of Downtown Mexico City at 5 O’Clock is a masterful collection of paintings that not just depicts the beauty of Mexico City, but that brings to life what makes the city a special, unique and lively place in its late afternoon hours.

Archway Gallery will host an opening reception with Villanueva for her exhibit on Friday, September 7, complete with an artist talk and presentation. The exhibit will be on display through Thursday, October 3.

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Randy Rogers Band

If there’s one more thing we can brag about here in Texas, it’s our beloved Texas-native country crew, Randy Rogers Band. The group of six guys have been putting out popular country hits for almost 20 years now, recently releasing their newest album Hellbent, which has been met with great praise.

Head to White Oak to hear Randy Rogers Band perform live.

The band has managed to adapt to the shifting sounds of country without losing their Texas roots. Songs like “Crazy People,” “I’ll Never Get over You” and “Good One Coming On” are like mini tributes to Texas’ beloved fiddle without sounding too honky-tonk or old-fashioned.

Randy Rogers Band will be at White Oak on Saturday. General Admission is $35.

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16th Annual Celebration of Dance

This weekend, the Wortham will bring together a lineup of Houston-based performers and companies for an exciting evening of dancing – but this tribute to dance won’t be just another show to take the stage of Cullen Theater. The 16th Annual Celebration of Dance will truly be a celebration, highlighting of all kinds of dances from a host of companies.

Enjoy the experience of watching dance styles like Indian balata nay, Classical Chinese, Afro-Colombian and Mexican ballet, as well as contemporary, ballet, hip-hop and tap. Featured companies and performers will include Ad Deum II, Uptown Dance Company, Infused Performing Arts Bollywood Dance School & Dance Co. among others.

Tickets start at $14.

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Megan Thee Stallion

With temperatures set to stay at about 100 degrees for the next few days, the summer isn’t about to fade gently into fall. (Does it ever?) It’s fitting, however, that breakout Houston hip-hop superstar Megan Thee Stallion returns home this Friday at Revention Music Center, officially drawing “hot girl summer” to a close.

Viral star Doja Cat opens for the Houston rapper, who is set to embark on a national tour with Future, Meek Mill and YG after this weekend. Friday, September 6, at Revention Music Center; doors open at 7 pm; resale tickets start at $75 for general admission. -Matthew Ramirez

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Andrea Bianconi: Prisoner of Love

Andrea Bianconi, a Venice and New York-based painter, drawer, sculptor and performance artist, returns to Houston for a performance and exhibition of his stunning drawings at Barbara Davis Gallery this Friday, September 6, 6 to 8:30 pm, with a performance slated for 7:30 pm.

Acclaimed international artist Andrea Bianconi brings his detailed, vibrant drawings to Barbara Davis Gallery this weekend, through October 19. He’ll have a performance this Friday, September 6, at 7:30 pm.
Acclaimed international artist Andrea Bianconi brings his detailed, vibrant drawings to Barbara Davis Gallery this weekend, through October 19. He’ll have a performance this Friday, September 6, at 7:30 pm.

Bianconi’s arrival to Barbara Davis Gallery comes on the heels of his recent acclaimed performance at the San Vittore prison in Milan, where he collaborated with female inmates. Prisoner of Love runs through October 19. -Matthew Ramirez

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Late iconic Houston artist Bert Long Jr. lived a life storied enough to fill volumes, including a staggering biography that fills inches on a bookshelf. It was only a matter of time before his story was told on film, and that day has finally come: Bert explores the art and long life of Mr. Long, from Texas all the way to the international stage.

Directed by John Guess, CEO of the Houston Museum of African American Culture, who brings a keen sensibility to the story. Long’s devotion to art and success came in spite of the many hurdles thrown his way during the course of his life.

Appearances from Houston art scene giants like longtime MFAH director Peter Marzio, John Alexander, and Orange Show maven Marilyn Oshman fill the film. Sunday, September 8, 3 pm to 4:30 pm, at 14 Pews. Tickets are pay-what-you-can. -Matthew Ramirez

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The National

Indie-rock stalwarts The National started alt-country adjacent with their first few releases before really finding their footing as a brooding, pseudo-post-punk group with 2005’s still-excellent Alligator. After a solid run of records, a new National emerged in 2013 with Trouble Will Find Me, which found them working on a more expansive, less rigidly rock-centered sound.

This year’s I am Easy to Find finds National frontman and askew lyricist Matt Berninger taking a backseat to a rotating cast of female vocalists, a bold move for a band so entrenched in the anxieties of upper-class, yuppie, white males. The National are smart enough to avoid charges of cynicism, however; I am Easy to Find centers non-Berninger voices in a way that makes me wish similar bands would follow suit in striking out in a new direction.

They’ll play the lawn at White Oak Music Hall Wednesday, September 11. Tickets $52.50; doors at 5:30 pm. -Matthew Ramirez

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