Organize Your Vino With Nos Caves Vin — Houston’s Luxury Wine Collection Service

Collectors Gain Access to High-End Storage, Custom Wine Features, Moving Services, and More

BY // 09.21.23

Although it’s always a good time for a glass of wine, it’s grape harvest season and when those cooler temperatures and smells of fall fill the air, there’s just something magical. From Napa to Fredericksburg, no matter where you are, nothing beats sitting on the porch after a long day with your favorite glass of red or white. But, what’s more frustrating than being unable to find that favorite glass of red or white? For many wine collectors, this can be a reality. Luckily, thanks to Nos Caves Vin (NCV), oenophiles don’t have to fret.

Nos Caves Vin is a luxury, Houston-based wine collection service that launched in 2009. With NCV, wine collectors have access to a robust suite of wine collection-related services, including high-end offsite storage facilities (which include private lockers and premium member-only lounge space), the design and build of custom in-home wine features, climate-controlled wine moving services, collection management and more.

InVintory builds a detailed, custom 3D model of each wine cellar, housed on an iPad stationed at the cellar door.

If you’re starting your collection from square one, Nos Caves Vin should be your first call. The company can work closely with you to create a turn-key, bespoke and innovative solution.

In fact, NCV just launched a partnership with Canadian-based wine app InVintory that takes things to the next level. Their newest high-end tier, Opus, provides a smart home solution for wine cellars. InVintory builds a detailed, custom 3D model of each wine cellar, housed on an iPad stationed at the cellar door. This allows clients to easily and visually find any bottle at the tap of a button. It also includes a host of other thoughtful features such as stackable 3D wooden cases, temperature and humidity sensor integration, collection value (great for insurance or investment purposes), and more.

For wine collectors, each bottle has its own story. Each glass poured represents a moment in time whether the bottle was a gift, a memento from a trip, or a treasured family celebration. Don’t let those memories get lost.