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The Perfect Wine to Stash Away

This Oregon Pinot Noir Will Be Great … In the Year 2018

BY // 10.26.15

Variety: When one drinks wine on a daily basis, that word is often at top of mind. So many bottles, so many vintages, so many countries of origin.

For wine drinkers, today is a great place. Yesterday I opened a bottle of Pinot Noir from Oregon, the 2013 Estate from Willamette Valley Vineyards. I was making chili Texas-style, no beans. I started with a chuck roast and browned the steaks I cut from the beef; a selection of peppers (Anaheim, chipotle, serrano, to name three) that I used to infuse the stock were added to the mix, and several hours, later bowls of rich chili were served. We poured the Pinot Noir, and, almost in unison, my dining companions and I said, “This wine is too young.”

Meaning, we were slightly sad that we had opened the bottle, because we could tell that the wine, though very good that evening, had the potential to develop into something much better.

That happens sometimes, and we decided to enjoy the youthful expression of the wine, with its slight spiciness and a vague earthiness. It was full of raspberry, and it was definitely bright. Too bright at this juncture. But around the table we talked and enjoyed the richness of the chili and smokiness of the peppers, and the wine was as it should have been. Wine Enthusiast awarded it 90 points, as did The Tasting Panel.

I advise, however, that you get a bottle or two of this and put it away for several years. I am going to do just that and look forward to enjoying it in 2018 to celebrate Germany retaining its title at the World Cup.



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