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Personal Injury Lawyer Goes on a Violent Tirade After a Valet’s Parking Job Displeases Her

Alleged Assault Takes Place Outside a Trendy Restaurant

BY // 08.10.17

Previously, personal injury lawyer Amy Witherite was best known around Dallas as the woman on the radio who urged listeners, many times a day, to dial “1800-CAR-WRECK.”

But now everyone is talking about Witherite for another reason.

The attorney and her wife Barbara went on a booze-fueled angry rampage in the tony Bishop Arts District after a valet dared to park her Mercedes out of view last weekend.

The pair was arrested Saturday evening around 9 pm after allegedly physically assaulting a valet attendant and several other bystanders.  According to an arrest warrant obtained by the Dallas Morning News, a valet employee claims the incident began when Amy Witherite asked, “Where the [expletive] is my car?”

The attorney apparently became enraged when she realized that her 2017 Mercedes S550, a car which costs nearly $100,000, was no longer in front of the restaurant.

She had requested that her car be parked on the street rather than in the back lot, but the area’s four-hour parking limit required the valet employee to move it.

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She proceeded to punch the attendant, then smashed a glass against the face of another man.

Meanwhile, Barbara went off on an onlooker. According to a warrant, she asked the man, “Do you think that is funny?” before kicking and punching him.

Another witness intervened and the pair began to walk away, heading down the street. However, the violent spree did not stop there.

The women continued to punch and knock around three other people before one man tried to put Amy in a headlock. Some victims reported being hit repeatedly by the women. CBS has since released video footage of the incident.

Amy Witherite tells the Dallas Morning News she is “deeply embarrassed” about her behavior and that alcohol was partially to blame.

Amy Witherite, 50, was charged with three counts of misdemeanor assault and public intoxication. Barbara Witherite, 56, was charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault, public intoxication and interference with an emergency request for assistance.

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