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Private Jet Tales — the True Fun and Real Rules of Flying Private: A Veteran Pilot Shares All

BY Promoted Series Correspondent // 02.05.18

Twenty-five-year wedding anniversary. Twenty-five-year-old trying to impress his girlfriend. Trying to raise more than $25 million on an investor road show.

It doesn’t take much to dream of a reason to fly private, and we’ve seen all of the above. Half of our clients are veteran flyers. To the other half, we advise: Don’t trash the plane, but don’t worry about cleaning the mess you’ve made.

Feel like handing your napkin/newspaper mashup to the copilot? Don’t! Champagne works particularly well in the air — apply liberally, but don’t get so inebriated that the captain has to keep an eye on you. Maker’s Mark in a Yeti cup at 10 am on a trip to Cabo? We’ve seen it.

Take pictures unabashedly. Old and young, veteran and virgin flyers, all take photos in and out of the plane.

We recently flew a football star, and as soon as we landed, we realized that he had posted a pic of himself, sprawled in the back of the plane, on Instagram. Order catering, or bring your own food on board — from fruit trays to fromage to Frito pies, whatever makes you happy.

Ask if you can drive straight to the plane and valet the car; most of the time, you can. Walk up front and talk to the pilots. They love their view but love to share it even more. Ask what that screen is for and what that dial does. Ask how cold it is outside (minus 60 would be about right).

Let your broker know in advance if you will have excessive luggage. Not doing so could meaningfully disrupt the trip.

Tip the pilots — hand them a bill and tell them to go have a nice meal. If the line guys are hustling, throw some love their way, too.

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NOTE: The Company Plane is not the operator of charter flights. Fleets and companies are constantly changing, and it curates only FAA Certificated Part 135 operators that are appropriate for its clients. Ultimately, these operators are solely responsible for the transportation that is arranged by The Company Plane.

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