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Private Jets Take Off in a New Sexy Direction

See the Revamped Planes that Tycoons Covet

BY Christina Geyer // 09.16.16

More is always more — especially as it pertains to your private jet. Gulfstream brought its newly redesigned G600 and G500 to Dallas, and we’re positively smitten.

The revamped cabin is sexy, with sleek stone flooring in the entry, ergonomically enhanced lavatories, a slimmer space to make for greater headroom, and sleek new cabinetry that latches quietly. But the experiential fine-tunes will be the most appreciated:

The space can be configured into four living areas; the air is freshened and replenished every two minutes; 14 panoramic windows guarantee plenty of natural light; and the jet boasts a most advanced pressurization system — the best, in fact, in its class. Entry into service is slated for 2019, so add your name to the order list posthaste.

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