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A New River Oaks Clinic, a New Approach to Mental Health — Psyclinic Empowers Patients and Helps Hand in Hand

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed and His Team Treat Every Disorder Holistically

BY // 07.15.22

Offering a holistic, one-of-a-kind approach to mental health, The Psyclinic recently opened a new clinic in Houston’s coveted River Oaks neighborhood. Psyclinic now has four locations in the Houston area — and it also offers telemedicine appointments. It all makes access to Dr. Mohammed Ahmed and his team easier than ever.

A visionary leader in mental health care, Dr. Ahmed’s unique perspective on treatment plans make him a top choice for a wide range of psychological care. He firmly believes that every patient deserves the chance to control their own destiny and future. With or without medication.

Dr. Ahmed and his team strive to be the regional leader in mental health services by providing diagnostic, interventional, psychiatric and therapeutic services. The clinic’s multi-disciplinary approach and team of competent, compassionate providers is dedicated to each patient’s psychological, spiritual and emotional needs.

Which starts with recognizing when something is wrong. And finding easy access to help.

“It’s one thing to be a little down, especially if you’re going through a difficult time,” Dr. Ahmed says. “But if feelings persist, they can interfere with your normal life and medical attention becomes necessary.

“When it comes to depression, we can all stumble. Every one of us. That’s why we’re here. It’s a comfort to be able to walk hand in hand.”

The Psyclinic Takes a Different Approach

Rooted in the belief that psychotherapy plays a vital role in the treatment of many psychiatric disorders, The Psyclinic is committed to delivering a full spectrum approach to mental health. Dr. Ahmed and his team understand that medication alone isn’t always the answer.

The Psyclinic’s mission also includes fighting the stigma associated with mental health, and the team is dedicated to promoting mental health awareness for the entire family, from pediatric to adolescent and adult care.

Dr. Mohammed Ahmed and his Psyclinic team know that medicine is not always the answer or the only answer.
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed and his Psyclinic team know that medicine is not always the answer or the only answer.

Patients are ensured privacy and serenity in spa-like office atmospheres (and the new River Oaks clinic raises the bar on that) — an environment conducive to relaxation that is also free of anxiety — to set the tone of well-being for each visit. From therapy and counseling sessions to medical appointments.

Why The Psyclinic?

Not only is The Psyclinic a recognized leader in the field of ADD and ADHD, patients can expect comprehensive testing and a variety of treatment options for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, phobia and panic attacks, marriage counseling and learning disorders, as well as grief, anger and adjustment disorders.

“Each disorder is treated holistically, not only medicinally, in an effort to treat both the short term and longterm pain points and side effects,” says Dr. Sarah Elsadre, director and CEO of The Psyclinic. “We want to get patients back on their feet and in a position to positively reclaim their lives.”

The Psyclinic is also home to the first FDA-approved trans-cranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy for the brain, an innovative, non-drug treatment option utilized for resistant, recurring depression. By stimulating the brain to secrete serotonin that is either low or lacking, the therapy provides an alternate option for patients eager to try an unmediated approach and is often used in conjunction with counseling.

In-depth Experience and Innovative Techniques

Board certified in adult and child psychiatry, Dr. Ahmed has more than 20 years of experience in psychiatry and clinical research. His passion for psychiatry stems from genuine compassion and a concern for human suffering. His in-depth education, knowledge and innovative techniques have earned him numerous awards and accolades, including the Robert B. White Clinical Excellence Award. He was also named one of the “Best Doctors” in Houston by Houstonia Magazine.

Dr. Ahmed’s work pioneering the innovative TMS treatment in the state of Texas has helped patients locally and around the world. His patients can expect thorough clinical evaluations followed by personally developed treatment plans designed to ease suffering and improve their quality of life.

“I love getting to know my patients and understand the importance of setting aside time to fully listen to them and understand their needs and unique situations,” Dr. Ahmed says. “At The Psyclinic, we treat the whole family and the whole person. Body, mind and soul.”

To learn even more about The Psyclinic or to make an appointment, go to its full site.