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10 Celebs Who Are Red Carpet Killing It — Lessons From the Halfway Point of Awards Season

Why Mandy Moore's No. 1 (For Now) After the SAGs

BY Reed Robertson // 01.31.19

Well you guys, we are halfway through Award Season and so far, we have been given so many jaw-dropping moments, I now have to search for an orthodontist. When it came to Sunday night’s annual Screen Actors Guild Awards red carpet, well, let’s just say I’m just praying my dental insurance can cover all of the undoubtedly necessary work.

Let’s breakdown my Top Ten Triumphant Lewks!

10. Henry Golding in Tom Ford.

How is it possible that this man is so perfect? He’s akin to the human form of a well crafted charcuterie plate — there’s literally something for everyone to love. And in that dapper metallic Tom Ford jacket too?! It’s like staring directly into the sexiest sun I have ever seen.

Once again @TomFord making me feel like a million bucks at the SAG awards ❤️🙏🏻 Grooming by @KCfee

A post shared by Henry Golding (@henrygolding) on

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9. Margot Robbie in Chanel.

Am I the only one who thinks I am perfect best-friend material for Margot? Our selfie game would be so friggin’ strong — just sayin’. But in regards to the frock, I love that Margot chose this chic yet quasi-demure lewk from Uncle Karl. Makes me think she is going to save the big big guns for the Academy Awards.

8. Laura Harrier in custom Loewe.

So, here’s the Tea: This good. This ruhl good. It’s like what I think the women would wear in a land on Game of Thrones — one populated by gay men, the women who love them, and unicorns. Ah… if only such a land did exist Maybe it could be called Yaas Kweendia or something equally as clever.

📸 @livincool

A post shared by LAURA HARRIER (@lauraharrier) on

7. Betty Gilpin in Krikor.

I loves me a Marilyn Moment y’all! Everything about this is giving me ms. Monroe via “How to Marry a Millionaire” vibes and I cannot stop shimmying my shoulders just thinking about it.

6. Yara Shahidi in Fendi.

Little Sis is all kindsa grownish now! And I am still shook that this is actually two separate lewks (a pale-blush sequin bodysuit with an all-toile overlay?!) Spoiler alert: I’m wearing this to MTV ReDefine, now!

5. Danai Guerra in Ralph & Russo.

Miss Thing has been low-key bringing her A-Game to the carpet this season! This is refined and elegant all with the perfect hint of Jesse Spano-era showgirl (say it with me, VersaYce) with this feathered detail. Breath is officially bated for what she will turn out at the Oscars wearing.

4. Emily Blunt in Michael Kors.

It is no secret that I love pink (see any recap I hath ever written) — and that I loves me some Emily Blunt. This just took it to a whole new level of yaas! And am I on glue, or is this maybe the best red carpet lewk Mr. Kors has ever sent down the line?

Shhhhh…Emily Blunt & John Krasinski are out here turning heads! 🤫 #sagawards

A post shared by SAG Awards (@sagawards) on

3. Lady Gaga in Dior Haute Couture.

OK, this just has to be said, I am living on the edge of glory (cue: wink-y face) for this. Especially because it legit just walked the Paris couture runway basically yesterday. It’s like they said, “Excuse me model, imma need that dress for Gaga. So, here’s a terry-cloth robe and our esteemed gratitude as a consolation prize.” Head to toe, makeup to jewels, she done did that thing.

2. Gemma Chan in Oscar de la Renta.

Not to sound arrogant, but it is as if the good folks over at Oscar de la Renta thought to themselves, “Reed really loves a good high-low moment. And he loves pink. And some sort of a bow situation. Why don’t we make him black out from pure joy.”

I mean, no one can actually say if they did or didn’t do that, so… yea.

And straight up, I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign to unearth the secrets as to how Gemma Chan can literally be this flawless.

But then… then there was Mandy… my selection as the Number One Lady of the Lewks!

1. Mandy Moore in Custom Jason Wu.

This was so good I felt it necessary to call my grandmother and tell her about it. Could she be more statuesque?! This lewk is so iconic it could be a recipient at next year’s Kennedy Center Honors.

I do not have the time or finger dexterity to go as in-depth as I would like about that ponytail. But in a word: stupendous. Also, the fact that this dress was made with a message (Wu created this in collaboration with UNICEF to shed light on the global needs of children) makes it even more perfect. I mean, you already had me crying and then you add a charitable tie-in?!

It’s like watching “Stepmom.” I’m weeping!

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