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Houston’s Creative Center for Women Entrepreneurs — SheSpace is Much More Than Just a Coworking Space

From Connection Opportunities to Classes to a State-of-the-Art Podcasting Studio

BY // 05.03.21
photography Julie Soefer

As people begin to reimagine work after an office hiatus, many are craving community and a workspace outside of the home. One that offers amenities that go far beyond the basics. Enter the innovative and delightfully colorful SheSpace, a female-oriented coworking/networking space in Houston’s Lower Heights. 

Founders Stephanie Tsuru and her daughter-in-law Katie Tsuru designed a sunny location that’s heavy on Girl Boss vibes and the ability to create and accomplish alongside other women. SheSpace is a dedicated female-focused shared office space built on the idea that inclusivity, creativity and yes, work, can coexist in a flexible and supportive space. 

For those looking to move beyond the home office (or dining room table) SheSpace offers multiple coworking spaces and membership levels so you can customize your workspace needs accordingly. Choose from a dedicated desk you can call your own, or a spot in the community area that embraces the true coworking experience. Private offices and a variety of conference rooms are also available through the memberships.  

SheSpace isn’t built on the concept of work and work alone, though. The Tsurus understand the value of continued learning and the benefit of connecting to other women, so they crafted the SheConnects Social Membership. Consider it a modern-day Women’s Club, offering like-minded women the opportunity to attend events, happy hours, classes, workshops and networking gatherings.

Various membership levels grant SheSpace users access to desks, chairs and sofas.
Various membership levels grant SheSpace users access to desks, chairs and sofas.

The SheConnects membership is flexible (month-to-month) and affordable at just $30 a month. The energetic group draws a wide-ranging cross section of women in both age and occupation. 

Unlike many coworking spaces that start as just that, Stephanie Tsuru’s vision was always one of connection for special programs and learning opportunities. For business and for nonprofit efforts. The evolution of a coworking idea complemented the SheConnects concept, and the duo rounded out the idea with amenities that go above and beyond a basic coworking location.   

Details matter at the female-focused space, so you can expect office basics like high speed Internet, a business class printer, paper shredder and daily office supplies such as pens, paper, highlighters and sticky notes. The walls of SheSpace even feature beautiful art from local female artists. 

A Podcasting Haven  

Pondering your own podcast? SheSpace has its own state-of-the-art podcast studio featuring all the recording devices and tools to get started. Memberships also include complimentary touch-free coffee, tea and water bar, a curated book niche for inspiration, a rotating pop-up shop for women owned businesses, soundproof Huddle Rooms and a private lactation lounge. Those with Community Space Memberships also have access to private lockers for gym bags, a change of clothes or work essentials. 

The SheSpace podcast studio is kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment.

SheSpace is a membership setup with four levels: Community Space ($250 per month), Dedicated Desks ($415 per month), Private Offices (beginning at $825) and She Connects ($30 a month), which gives one access to events and special programming. The handy Traveler’s Pass package offers four day passes during business hours, so you can work, hang out and explore the SheSpace amenities for $100.  

The phrases “Yes She Can” and “Empower The Women Around You” emblazon the walls in lime green and bright pink, embodying the SheSpace spirit, showing what’s possible when the future is indeed, female. For more information, visit

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