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The Most Expensive College in Texas is a Storied Dallas Beauty

A Good Education Costs Big Money, Especially When it Comes to the Surprise Overall No. 1 in America

BY // 12.06.18

The debate over which Texas university offers the best education for your money is always ongoing. Which school offers the most expensive education is clear, however.

Business Insider determined the most expensive college in each state using figures from the US Department of Education’s Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System.

The publication examined baccalaureate and above degree-granting institutions with at least 500 students enrolled in fall of 2016. Looking at the cost of reported tuition, board and more for the 2016-2017 school year for out-of-state students, the priciest universities were revealed.

In Texas, the results are not surprising. Let’s just say SMU doesn’t stand for Saving Money University. Last year, the private Southern Methodist University set out-of-state students back $69,883 in tuition, room, board and other costs. Students with aid or scholarships spent $37,499 a year on average to be a Mustang.

Of course, you get plenty for that money. College Consensus ranks SMU as one of the Best Colleges in Texas, putting it at No. 6 in the state. And U.S. News & World Report bumped up SMU’s ranking in the Best Colleges in America from No. 61 to No. 59 in the nation this year, making it the third highest rated college in all of Texas in that ratings bible’s estimation, behind only Rice University and The University of Texas at Austin. Besides its academic excellence, SMU’s also long been considered one of the most beautiful college campuses in all of America.

SMU didn’t fall too far behind the hands-down most expensive school in America, University of Chicago in Illinois, which came in at $72,717 per school year for tuition, room, board and other costs.

Both SMU and the University of Chicago are more than double the cost of the least expensive of the most expensive schools by state. The University of Wyoming only costs $30,775 per school year by comparison — and it’s the most expensive school in its state. Of course, you do have to live in Laramie, Wyoming for four years to go there.

Four colleges finished in the $70,000s price range. Half of the schools came in at the $60,000s range, the next highest was 10 schools in the $50,000s, eight schools in the $40,000s and three schools in the realm of $30,000.

Guess this brings whole new meaning to the term smart money.

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