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Stephen Curry Blesses the Houston Astros

Sorry J.J. Watt, You’re as Left Out as Phil Jackson

BY // 02.29.16

Stephen Curry routinely makes the unbelievable possible — and almost even expected. Now the unquestioned biggest athlete in American sports, Curry is awfully busy these days breaking NBA hearts (see The Thunder, Oklahoma City). But the soon-to-be two-time NBA MVP took time out recently to meet with the Houston Astros’ superstar in training.

So there were Curry — the face of basketball — and Carlos Correa — the man who could be the face of baseball for the next 15 years — huddling in a hallway of the Orlando Magic’s largely charmless Amway Center arena. The meeting came with Curry in town to play the middling Magic and Correa just up the road in Kissimmee for Astros’ spring training.

As pairings go, it doesn’t get any bigger. Curry and Correa are two athletes who could define their respective sports for a generation. In many ways, Curry is already there. He’s the king of kids. No modern athlete draws more prepubescent shrieks than this sweet-shooting pied piper. If Curry’s Golden State Warriors are a traveling rock show, it’s largely because of all the frenzied kids he draws to their games.

Correa’s already there with Houston kids. The Astros’ 21-year-old shortstop just needs to go full-blown national. Who better to give him some sweet words of wisdom on this count than Stephen Curry?

If Correa ever needs advice on how to (badly) date a Kardashian or get his coach fired, he can go to the Houston Rockets’ own James Harden then. For now, Correa will stick with a winner.

As the younger and less mega-star established of the pair, Correa predictably was the one documenting this meeting on social media. The Astros’ young star posted on a picture of himself and Curry together on Instagram, captioning it with a simple but telling, “MVP.”

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That is Curry’s unquestioned status (no matter who Phil Jackson cluelessly compares him to next), and where Correa aims to be soon. Correa stands poised to dominate baseball in a way that J.J. Watt cannot even realistically hope to dominate pro football. This may sound sacrilegious to Houston sports fans accustomed to rightfully worshipping at the altar of Watt, but sometimes the truth stings.

Despite his historic brilliance, Watt seems doomed to be forever overshadowed by those golden boy quarterbacks — and weighed down by his own team’s track record. Correa, on the other hand, plays baseball’s marquee position and is on an Astros team that’s already considered a serious contender for a championship. Correa also happens to be model handsome, a hero in Puerto Rico (he’s the first player ever drafted No. 1 overall from the Caribbean Island) and a true connoisseur of high-end fashion.

And now, Correa’s been blessed by Stephen Curry, Mr. Magic Man himself. Remember, this is the guy who makes the unbelievable happen. What would have been more unfathomable just a few years ago than the thought of the Astros winning the 2016 World Series? Remember how much mocking Sports Illustrated took for predicting that would happen by 2017 when it put out that infamous cover in the summer of 2014? It wouldn’t be such a shock anymore if it turns out that SI‘s only mistake came in featuring George Springer on that cover rather than Correa.

After all, Carlos Correa has received sports’ ultimate blessing. Stephen Curry doesn’t get things wrong. The city of Houston might want to start some long-range parade planning about now.

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